Week 58: Merry P-day to all, and to all a good night.

Howdy Folks,

This was the week when I almost died. 🙂 I really wish I could just
film a whole week nonstop and then send it to eveyone. Because there
are so many things that get lost when you try and shove a week into a
relatively short email. 🙂

Basically, this was one of the hardest weeks of my mission. And do you
know where it all starts? It all starts when last week we didn’t have
a P-day. I know this sounds dumb but I have a very strong testimony of
P-days. 🙂 Your body NEEDS that one day to at least KINDA have a
break. And this week was a perfect example of that!

Things got CRAZY. President left on Monday. He was gone all week, and
gets back tomorrow. Remember those two South Africans I talked about
last week? Yeah well they complicated things a lot, we always had to
be with them so there were a couple of nights this week where we had
to stay at the office ALL DAY, which is the worst when you don’t leave
for the Area.

It seems like we were running around EVERYWHERE IN THE WHOLE CITY.
Lots of random emergencies happened. Like last week, one of our Senior
Missionaries, Elder Tidwell, got his card robbed. As soon as we found
out, we called and canceled the card, and they said they would send a
new one. Well, this week, we log onto Bank of America WORKS (the
system we use for our cards here) and see A BUNCH of transactions from
Elder Tidwells card! The theif was taking TONS of money, like 6000
dollars! We freaked out. Calling everyone, thinking we didn’t cancel
the card right and stuff. Luckily, it turns out that they were
transactions from the canceled card that had just crossed over to the
new card, and will be canceled by the bank for fraudulent activity,
but at the time, it was pretty scary.

We had a missionary leave, he is Mozambican and going to serve in
Angola but had been temporarily serving here. He hasn’t been to the
temple, and will go there on his way. So he stayed with us for a
while, and we had to take him to the airport and help him get
everything ready to leave and stuff without President.

We slept for 2 nights this week without electricity, once we got to
the office and it was LATE and were going to sleep there, and the
power went out because we hadn’t bought “credilec” or the credit
system for buying electricity here. (instead of paying monthly, you
can buy like 2000 MZN worth of Electricity and it will last until it
runs out.) So, ours ran out and we had a pretty hot night without air
conditioner. We bought electricity the next day, and at night we were
going home to sleep, when we realized we were out of electricity AGAIN
at home! We had this Mozambican Elder with us, and the next day he was
going to the temple and we NEEDED electricity for him to get ready and
iron his shirt and stuff. So we looked EVERYWHERE in the city trying
to find some but couldn’t find it anywhere. Finally, late at night, we
go back defeated, and go there and there is miraculously 20 credilec
left! It was crazy because earlier that day the APs had said it was at
like 4 or 5. So that electricity lasted the night, and he left that
morning (at 6 in the morning….)

Also, many things went wrong in President’s travel through Zimbabwe,
and we had to solve a lot of those problems as well. We called us
often, and gave us a lot of things to do that added a TON to the

Then towards the end of the week, I started getting SUPER sick. It was
just my bodies natural reaction to running on like 5 hours of sleep
every night the whole week, but it was terrible! I am still pretty

Anyways, I know it doesn’t sound like much butI feel like I am under a
lot of pressure right now from President Kretly, and it was the
craziest week I have ever had here in the office.


We survived. We learned a lot from it. The worst is definitely behind
us ha ha. Today was a really good P-day, we played some sports and
rested a bit, we just picked up the Beira District President (stake
president) and his wife, they are going to the temple in Johannesburg
and needed a place to stay in maputo on their way. So we picked them
up, brought them here, and they were hungry. Luckily I had just bought
tortillas and a bunch of cheese, so I made burritos for everyone! I
don’t think the Africans really liked it though…. haha. They are
super funny, tomorrow at 6 we take them to the bus station again.

I also got a package this week! One from my family. Thankfully, this
one didn’t have maggots in it. 🙂 It was seriously the perfect
package, it had an ipod in it (since my old one got robbed), and a
bunch of awesome stuff. I have been wearing new socks all week! It
definitely was a highlight of a difficult week. 🙂

Our investigators are doing well. This week we didn’t have too much
time to work in the area, but we were blessed with the time we did
have. A random family that me and Elder Douglas dropped, Isaac and
Zelia, showed up randomly at church saying they REALLY want to get
married and baptized next month, so we will help them with that. 🙂

Thats a little bit of my week. It was crazy but I really do love my
calling as Secretary. I love it. I love how crazy and unpredictable
it is and how much it requires out of me. I am here to SERVE, however
that may be.

I love mozambique, and I love watching these miracles happen in the
lives of our investigators. I was thinking about the line from “Called
to Serve” that says, “called to know the richness of his blessings…”
I really feel like that is true. I feel like that is something you can
only experience on a mission, just how many real, tangible blessings
the gospel can bring to people.

Well, times up. 🙂 Love you all.

Elder Poyfair


PS here are some pictures! And a video of some kids having a rock
fight. I forgot to say that we had a helping hands service project! It
was cool. I found a sword. 🙂


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