Week 59: Fourteen Months. It’s still crazy here.

Hi, Its 11:19 at night here in Mozambique. Definitely passed my bedtime. 🙂 BUT. We are here in the office and it was the craziest day of all time and in an hour we start to pick people up from the airport and stuff and we have not emailed ANYone. So, I am trying to muster up all the willpower I have to write this email  but it is pretty hard and will be pretty short. 🙂

Tomorrow makes 14 months since the start of this whole adventure. 14 months! Literally the days are dropping like flies.

Today was transfers and SURPRISE still in the office. 🙂 This is the start of my fifth transfer here in the office!

Things are going good here. This week was pretty crazy as well but thankfully it did not feel as stressful as the two weeks before. 4 New missionaries came to Mozambique, Elder Ence, Elder Heald, Elder Couch and Elder Christiansen. They are all very solid Elders! They are all big kids too. They ate alot of food.

I felt pretty cool, they got here and got settled in, and started saying things like. “So I heard there is an Elder here who got a package one time and it had maggots in it”…. or “I heard there was an Elder who saw someone get stabbed in the street”… and “I heard there was an Elder who baptized a guy and then a month later he got made branch president”… and stuff. They all knew all of the stories from my mission! I guess a lot of them had read my blog before the mission, and knew ALL of these funny stories I have had. I felt pretty awesome, and also realized I have to be carefull about what I write.

But anyways. I am doing good. We barely had any time to work in the Area this week. There was so much going on, with staying with the new Elders and Stuff! I was able to go out one night with Elder Christiansen, one of  the new missionaries. I was very impressed! It is my favorite, spending time with the fresh new Elders. They have the best attitude and excitement. We contacted some people, and I had to save him from a couple of drunk guys. I swear he was like a drunk man magnet. It was funny. We also taught a family, Nelcio and Celia, a very simple lesson about the temple. They are preparing to go this year. It was a very good lesson, the spirit was very strong and both of them were crying at the end. It was a good first lesson for this new Elder.

What else……

Yeah, pretty much everything this week had to do with transfers, buying all of the airplane tickets for everyone and working on getting President’s reciepts all signed off because today is the deadline or they will shut off the cards, and he left/lost a bag of receipts in Beira so we had to get kind of creative. But it all worked out in the end.

I don’t have too many stories this week (well, I do, but they are pretty boring….)

BUT! I do have a cool story.

Me and Elder Lourenco were driving to the office one day, and we were kind of in a hurry. I was driving, and the road is kind of curvy. I am driving kind of fast, and I am pulling up to pass a car who is going slow. I was pretty impatient. I thought, “Ugh! Move! Let me through!” but he was in the way. I honked at him, for him to let me pass, and he stuck his hand out the window and motioned for me to slow down. I thought, “Who does this guy think he is, telling me to slow down! What a jerk!” I slowed down, and stayed behind him.

Well, as we rounded the next curve, I saw there were TONS of cops, who had a check point set up, with a speed camera and everything, pulling over cars. I thought that guy was being a jerk but he really helped me! And we got talking about how life can be like that, how we can’t always see everything, and God sends people to warn us about the road ahead. But we often think they are just in our way, and we don’t want to listen to them. When really, they are jsut there to help us. 🙂

Anyways. It was a good week, things are getting better. I love you all, have a good week!

Elder Poyfair

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One thought on “Week 59: Fourteen Months. It’s still crazy here.

  1. Danielle and Todd Poyfair

    Another Elder Poyfair is heading out on Wednesday! Yea for the world!

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