Week 61: Miracles aplenty.. despite being super sick

Gooooooooooooooood evening everyone,

This week was awesome! I don’t really have too much time for introductions or anything, we have to go here quick so I will just check in and give you all some little tidbits from my life!


First off, today was our P-day. Most of the mission was not supposed to have Pday because it is a National Holiday but we still have to have our Staff Meeting tomorrow with President Kretly so we received special permission from him to have our P-day today, but just us and the Assistants. So we thought 2 on 2 beach volley ball would be fun, our office is close to the beach and we have an old net here in the garage, so we went off to do that. However, the set was old, and the net was all tangled, and took about half an hour to untangle. So we are all just sitting there, in the HOT african sun, trying to untangle this net, without success. Then once we tried to set it up, one of the poles broke. Needless to say, volley ball didn’t work out and about half of our Pday was lost. 🙂

We are getting Audited in October! Yep. A financial supervisor is coming here to the office in October for a couple of days of training and a Mini-Audit. Upside? …. I learn how to successfully make it through an audit? Downside(s)? I probably won’t be transferred out of the office until November, lots of stress. 🙂

One of our investigators has a brother named James who has downs syndrome. HE IS SO COOL! 

This week we were stuck in the office for a while. We had some new Elders still here who had problems with their paperwork and stuff, so they had to stay here with us. However, going and teaching families with them is awesome! This recent group, Elder Hruby, Elder Woolley, and Elder Ball, were very impressive. They all speak well and teach well, it was nice for Elder Lourenco and I to be able to devide and conquer.


On Sunday we went to CATEMBE!! We are going about once a month now. I will include some pictures, it is so beautiful out there. Vasco and Quiteria and little baby Karli are doing ok, Quiteria the Mom was actually really sick, so we were able to give her a blessing. We visited a couple other Recent Convert/Less Active familes out there, before making our way back to the city to teach one more lesson. It was CRAZY though, we did this last night, and so since it was the night before a holiday, everyone was CRAZY drunk and on drugs and stuff for the boat ride back. We were CRAMMED on there, and tons of people were shoving eachother (like mosh pit) shouting and screaming and having beer fights and stuff. SO many people. It was insane. We were a little worried but we made it through the stinky, claustrophobic 30 minute  boat ride safely and were grateful to reach land. 🙂

Jersio and Marilia are doing GREAT. They are like my favorite family. They were not too into marriage and stuff, not wanting to do their documents to get married and keep the law of Chastity, and we felt like we needed to take a step back with them and really focus on the Book of Mormon. So early in the week, we had a good lesson with them about the book of Mormon, reading it and talking about where it came from and why we have it and stuff. It was good. We invited them to pray about it. Well, the next visit we came back for, they were a little disappointed, saying they didn’t receive an answer at all! 

Jersio said, “I beleive its true, and I want it to be true so badly, but I can’t say I know it. One day I will be able to testify about it.”  So we read from 3rd Nephi 11, about how when the voice from heaven started speaking, the people couldn’t understand it, and that it wasn’t until the THIRD time that they understood it. We related that to them, about how when we first taught the restoration, we invited them to pray about it. They did, but didn’t receive an answer. Then early in the week we invited them, they did but no answer the second time. Now, we talked about how the answer will come, what they are expecting, and read about the Holy Ghost, and promised them as representatives of Jesus Christ that if they prayed tonight with faith they would receive the answer they were looking for.

Well, Sunday night we went back, and they were so excited to see us and said, “It happened! We received an answer! They relayed how they had started that night with a prayer, and then read the whole chapter of 3rd Nephi 11 (since we only briefly covered it in the lesson.). and then were praying, askiing if it were true, and then in the middle of the prayer, he started choking up and they both felt this awesome feeling of joy and stuff. They were so sincere talking about it, and me and Elder Lourenco both felt the Spirit as they bore testimony of what had happened. They rock. 🙂 I was so happy for them. 🙂

Now. Saturday. Saturday was one of the best, and one of the worst days of my mission. Friday night we set big plans. Our weekly goal for qualified contacts was 35, and we had 1. For member present lessons it was 6, and we had 1. So we planned 34 qualified contacts, 5 member present lessons, 4 new investigators (2 new families). BIG goals, at least for us here int he office. 🙂 So, I woke up in the morning, feeling AWFUL. Headache, stomache ache (the worst EVER), and achy all over in alll my muscles and stuff. WORST START TO A DAY EVER haha. 🙂 But went out in the morning, and in 2 hours were able to get 21 contacts! We went home, studied, ate lunch (I didn’t eat anything because I felt SO bad), and went back out to teach. We walked with a member and found 1 new family who we taught, and taught some investigators. It was going really good but I felt SO Sick. I honestly thought it was malaria, my whole back and shoulders started getting really really stiff and stuff and I wanted to go home. 🙂 BUT, we still stayed out and worked HARD. It was later at night, we had a lesson at 19 with my favorite recent converts, Ernesto and Claudia. It was 18:45, and we didn’t have all of the contacts we wanted. BUT we persisted, until all we needed was one more. We saw this family walking, so we went up to them, and said, “Hi, good evening!” and they got very excited and said “HI! Elders! How are you guys! I was an investigator a long time ago! But I got married, and moved but now I am back. Can you come right now and teach us and get our phone number and mark another visit?”

So we picked our jaws up off of the ground and went with them, and taught them. They were SO awesome! Best new family ever. I really think they will end up being baptized, But what I thought was so cool was that it only happened on contact number 34. 🙂 Not earlier, but the last one we needed to make out goal. A cool little lesson there.

ANYWAYS! I wrote way too much. It was a pretty good week. I am super sick still but hopefully will get better. 🙂 Love you all!

From, the happiest missionary ever,

Elder Poyfair

PS Are these not the coolest pictures ever?

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