Week 63: Twas the Night Before Zone Conference and I WANTED TO KILL MYSELF

Just kidding about the subject line. I definitely don’t want to kill myself. 🙂

But MAN Zone Conference is a doozy! So much stuff to do and tons of problems to resolve and everything to get in order and stuff. It’s stressful and I feel like this:

Hahaha. That’s my dog Zoey. Zone Conference is tomorrow, and we are just finishing up the last minute preparations for the big event. Luckily we were able to grab a couple of minutes to email our families.


This week, other than being crazy stressful, was a rather good one. 🙂

We had a visit from a General Authority, an Area Seventy from Zimbabwe or Zambia. He had a meeting at our chapel, and they wanted to make sure lots of members and all of the Missionaries in the whole district there. So that was fun, I love getting all of the members together for activities like this. There was a question and answer part, and the members were asking some pretty funny questions. It was good though, I learned a lot from him. His name is Khumbulani Mdsethle, and he told one story in particular that I loved:

He was talking about his life, and when he was younger he was at college and working and all of his money went to his schooling and housing, except for 3 dollars each month. He used that 3 dollars to buy toothpaste and deooderant. So he was supposed to be called as the Elder’s Quorum President, and his bishop called him in for an interveiw, and asked him is he was paying his tithing. And he told his bishop the story of why he wasn’t, and his bishop cut him off and said,

“Brother Mdsethle, if you were teaching an investigator back on your mission and one of your investigators told you this story, what would you tell them?”

And I just thought that was so cool, because its true. Sometimes, we ask our investigators to do things that require more faith than we have. And they do it! And we need to keep that same famith with us after the mission.

I have good news and bad news about Krislerio and Johanna! Bad news is, this week they moved. 😦 Good news is, they moved about a ten minutes walk away from their old house, still in our area! We were able to help them move, but it was SO HARD! Having a moving truck is such a blessing, because making trips there and back took a long time and a lot of energy. Also, they moved to the TOP floor of a 6 story apartment with NO elevator. It was exausting! But we enjoyed serving our investigators and they definitely appreciated the help. We also met a very cool street contact while we were helping, and marked to visit him this week. It really is true that as we serve, we will be led to the people who are prepared.

A lot of our families are really struggling right now, and we have had to drop many of them, including Anselmo and Beatriz. It was hard because they were so close to opening the process but sadly they were not showing desire to come to church or keep their commitments. Hopefully  they will come back later as they realize what they are missing but our time here is to precious to be spent with people who won’t progress.

So towards the end of the week, we were feeling kind of down, and we were walking home and pretty hungry. I saw a little restaurant that sells pot-pie type things, and we decided to grab some dinner on our way home. So we went in, picked out what we wanted, and I was about to pay, when out of no where a big man came up behind us and reached quickly for my card, like he was going to steal it! I instinctively moved my hand away, and he said, “no, no.” and turned to the cashier and said, “How much for all of this?” and she told him, 200 Meticais. And he opened his wallet, pulled out 200 meticais, gave it to her, and then turned to us. He explained breifly that he was a nigerian, and traveling back home. We thanked him, and he said, “No, its not me that is doing this, it is God that did this.” and left as quickly as he had showed up. It was really cool! Free dinner, and a nice, gentle reminder that God is ALWAYS with us and even when sometimes we think we are going alone, we never really are in this work.

We found an AWESOME new family this week. They live in a nice apartment complex, are legally married, and rich. 🙂 The first lesson with them went ok, but when we went back the second time, they had read the Book of Mormon and were really excited and interested. They fed us bread and cake and juice and bannanas afterwards. It was super awesome, we are really excited about them!

Well, that’s about it. Things are going good here. I’ll wrap things up with one last experience that happened this week:

The APs are in our district, and the district leader does the baptismal interviews for the candidates of the other missionaries. So this week, the APs baptized a family and I was able to interview them. During the husband’s interview, we were talking about the word of wisdom and repentance, and how he had been able to quit drinking and hadn’t drank in a month. I shared with him how I remembered the FIRST sunday he came to church. He came into Elders Qurom, wearing a dirty tee shirt, a lone. He came over, and the seat next to me was the only one open. I talked to him a little bit, and he smelled SUPER strong like alcohol, and I could tell he had been drinking the night before. He came by himself, and I won’t lie, I kind of judged him. And I told him, “And to look at you know, and see the difference that these choices have made in your life, it’s incredible.” And as I said that, the spirit was SO strong, it was such a cool moment. I love it. I love my mission, I love every part of it and everything we do.

Thanks for all your support, I love you all!

-Elder Poyfair


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