Week 64: Short, Sweet and posted very late


So. We were here after a long P-day of not too much “P” ing (preparing haha) and just starting to email our families, when we got a call from President Kretly, saying he really wanted us to be able to go out to our Area and work tonight. We don’t really know why, but right now we are trying super super hard to get all of our emails done so we can go out and work obediently. Who cares about month end reports…. 😉

Its good, but the moral of the story is some stuff is going to have to get sacrificed in this email. 😦 Oh well. I still have many many more weeks to write!

So this week we had Zone Conference. IT WAS SO GOOD. So President Kretly was the CEO for Franklin Covey in Brazil before the mission, and this Zone Conference was ALL about the first three of the seven habits of highly effective people (missionaries.) It was very very motivating, helpful, interesting, and inspiring! I got to translate for the new missionaries from Portuguese to English. The first three habits are Be Proactive, Start with the End in Mind, and First Things first. It was awesome! We talked alot about how it all relates to Missionary work and stuff, and how the principles taught correspond
directly with gospel principles. I really can be a lot more effective, and I felt like I really benefitted from the conference. Being the Financial Secretary, I felt like I can apply a lot more of the professional side right now than most missionaries. 🙂

Most of our families are doing good. Jersio and Marilia are great, they are getting along again and doing well. They both came to church with Ashley again, Jersio showed up wearing a skinny gold tie I gave him and a silver suit jacket, he looked like a BOSS. 🙂 Hahaha. They are getting friends in the church and showing a lot of progress. The only thing in the way is that she doesn’t have a single marriage document, even the most BASIC one that you use to start the whole process with the Birth Certificate. She has gone and bribed the Register, and they couldn’t find anything! Its like she doesn’t exist. So that is hard, but we are working on it. 🙂

That family we found last week, the rich already married one is doing GREAT! They are progressing so well, ready to leave behind their Catholic faith because of the answer they have received. Very very excited about them!

I’m good. My companion is good. I found some shrimp flavored potato chips today shopping, they were AWESOME. 🙂

And finally, last night. Like I said, Krislerio and Johanna? They are still doing really bad. REALLY BAD going to get seperated and stuff. And we thought it would be the best if we took Elder and Sister Tidwell, one of our senior couples with us! So we went and picked them up and went to teach this family. It was one of the best lessons I’ve ever been in! We started talking about forgiveness and the curing power of the atonement, and watched that mormon message about the guy who gets hit by a drunk driver and it kills his wife and kids and he still ends up being able to forgive the drunk driver. It was great! Then we talked about the Tidwells, (They and the family were already friends from earlier, at church and family history class and stuff, so
they were friends.) Anyways, we talked about how the tidwells have been together for 45 years, and how they solve their problems together and stuff, and then we watched another mormon message about that old couple that takes care of each other and stuff? Yeah it was super good and everyone was crying and it was awesome. 🙂

But yeah! That was my week in a nutshell. Sorry it was so rushed. Things are great though, next week are transfers, I am excited to see if I finally leave!

Probably not though.


Elder Poyfair

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