Week 65: Elder Poyfair is unhappy about losing the email he wrote :(

I am literally so mad right now. its 11:17 at night and we are waiting to go pick up Elders from the Airport atmidnight and I just wrote this huge update and it got ERASED. All of it. I just spent forever writing it and it is gone.


Well, we had two baptisms, Maezinha and Atanasia. They are daughters of our recent converts, Ernesto and Claudia, and were living far away but moved in with the family.


Transfers were today and I am still in the office. This is my 6th!

We speant most of today looking through dirty, dusty, unorganized archives for an investigators birth certificate at a school. We were unsuccessful. Talk about needle in a hay stack.


Our investigators are good. Everythings good. I’m not going to lie, I am pretty ticked my letter got erased, but I am good. I guess thats how it goes.


Elder Poyfair

(I realize this letter sounds so negative and depressing. I really am ok. Everything is going good. Its just late and I am tired and just wasted a bunch of time on a good letter.)

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One thought on “Week 65: Elder Poyfair is unhappy about losing the email he wrote :(

  1. Donna Wollenzien

    Elder Poyfair
    We loved serving in Mozambique and love reading your letters.we love seeing your pictures. Brings back old memories.
    Just remember everything you do on that mission is for a reason. Even writing you letter home twice.
    I am sister turners aunt from your ward in Lehi . Maybe one day we can share Moz stories . You are in our prayers . Tell Naldo and Vanessa hi!
    John and Donna wollenzien

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