Week 66: LESSON LEARNED. Family Letter first. :)

Hi Family!

It’s Monday morning, and we are getting ready to go out and go bowling. I thought that based off my experience from last week, I would just crank this out and send it now. 🙂

Speaking of last week. Sorry about that haha. Moral of the story is never try to do anything important at 11:30 at night.

This week was seriously such a good week!

I sent some pictures last week of us searching through some documents, but I don’t think I explained it very well. So. Our investigator named Marilia. She and her husband want to get baptized, but to get baptized they need to get married, and to get married she needs a birth certificate. And her birth certificate DOESNT EXIST. Her dad had it in a brief case but the brief case got stolen. She went to the register a couple of times, they couldn’t find anything, she even bribed some people to look and there was NOTHING! NO RECORD OF HER AT ALL WHATSOEVER. So. we decided to go to her high school, because to register for high school you need a birth certificate. Only problem is, after 2 years, they just throw all of these important documents into a huge room that they call the archives. So we went there, looking for 3 hours  through LOADS of documents, nothing. It was a little discouraging. Like, we were praying a lot, trying to do something good and help someone keep a commandment and get baptized, so why didn’t God help us find it? Well, like 2 hours later, we got a call from her, saying she had an idea to go and check at another government place where she got her ID card. Most people get those with a cedulla (different document) so it really shouldn’t have worked but there they had her birth certificate on file! It was seriously such a miracle and a huge reminder that sometimes our prayers aren’t answered in the way we want them to be but they are always answered.

So, Tuesday we had a successful Staff Meeting! Every month we receive a budget report from the Africa South East Area that shows our budget and where we are at and what percentage we have spent and all of our transactions for the month in each budget category and stuff. So President Kretly had asked us to prepare a 5-8 minute presentation in Staff Meeting about our current status. So we made the presentation, showed what they had sent us and showed our own tracking system, and what our projected outcome was, and it went super well! We are 75% of the way through with the year and only 67% through with our budget! So, President was pretty happy, saying its the first year since he’s been here that we are on track to not finish over budget, it was awesome. Then we went out to the Chinese Restaurant to celebrate. That was super awesome! President was way excited with us and said we were never getting transferred. Elder Snelson, one of the senior couples, suggested that if we wanted to get transferred, we needed to finish over budget. Yaaaaay haha. 🙂

So the plan was, there were two new brazillian couples coming to our mission, but then their visas got rejected and they got reassigned to missions in Brazil. Everyone here was really sad, especially since one of the couples was supposed to fill our position as financial secretaries.

Well, we got a call from President Kretly at like 11 o clock at night this week, and he asked us to put it on speaker phone so us and the APs could hear. He said, “Elders, do you beleive in MIracles?” and we were like “yeaaaaaaaah” Because it was late and we were tired and then he was like “Elders, do you beleive in miracles?” And he was really excited so we said “Yeaaaah!” a little more excitedly and then he told us that the Couple’s visas were miraculously approved, that the brazillian consul had a complete change of heart and they would be coming! They get here TOMORROW. Still no word on if one of them will fill our position. It one of them is, they will need to be trained. Which would take another three months hahahahhahaha. So that is pretty cool!

District Meeting on friday was good. We talked all about the Baptismal Invite, and its importance and how to do it effectively and read some examples from the scriptures of when prophets gave the invite, (see Acts:22, 12-16. The way Ananias helps Paul see his leadership potential is EXACTLY what we need to do with our investigators here!) and yeah, it was a good meeting. The sisters in our district have had 2 families they have been teaching for a while now, that are already married but would not mark a baptismal date. They said this week was a miracle, they were able to mark a date within this transfer for BOTH of them! Super awesome.

This week, we were walking down the street, and this man and women came up to us and said, “Hi! My name is Elvira!” and like, contacted us. They said they were a family baptized a couple of years  ago, but were EXTREMELY inactive. They asked us to come and visit them and help them go back. So we went over there, helped them understand their simple process in how they became inactive (They were really confused, blaming an evil spirit and stuff), how once they stopped reading the scriptures together as a family, they stopped saying their prayers together and then stopped going to church, and there it was. 🙂 Well, yesterday they came to church! The whole family! It was great.

Then, Friday night, I was getting ready to go to bed, and it was like 10:00 and the APs still weren’t home! So I called them, and they said they were helping President unload the stuff from his trip to South Africa. Then they said, “But don’t go to bed yet!” So I was kind of nervous, because I thought President was going to have them tell us we were training the new couple or something. Well, I was writing in my journal, and they came in, and they held out A MCDONALDS BAG and said, “Bah dah bah bah bahhh”! PRESIDENT KRETLY BROUGHT US BIG MACS FROM SOUTH AFRICA. It was literally the greatest night of my mission. We were all pretty much crying as we microwaved our big macs, and french fries. There is no Mcdonalds in Mozambique, and that was the first like fast food hamburger that I have had in over a year! Not to mention it was a BIG MAC!!! I opened some of the Mountain Dew that Elder Douglas had smuggled me in from swaziland and we all ate drank and were merry. Literally the best thing ever. I love our President. 🙂

Sunday, we had planned to take our Branch President and his wife (that I baptized in may) to help us teach Paulo and Johanna, our rich catholic couple. Then it didn’t work out with the catholic couple, so we decided to take them to visit Gersio and Marilia. To refresh- Gersio and Marilia are that young couple that was a reference off of a crappy street contact that have a cute daughter named ashley and got the awesome testimony of the Book of Mormon by praying about it three times who we speant last Pday looking for her birth certificate so they can get married and baptized. Well, at church, they were saying how they went to try to get one of the documents, and the person working there is his uncle! And their family is prohibiting them from getting married, and they want to do it in secret, and they didn’t know what to do so they didn’t know what the next step would be, they were kind of scared.

So we show up with President Justino and Cacilda, and Gersio and Marilia were SO honored to have them there. They were like, “OHHHH WOW President! Come in come in! And they got out these nice chairs and dusted them off and wiped them with a rag and were just so in awe that he would be there at their house. Marilia said the prayer, and in the prayer she thanked God for the “Marvelous opportunity we have here with the Branch President”. So we got talking, and they told us that they had decided they were just going to tell the whole family everything and not even worry about what they thought. AWESOME. Then they said that the only thing holding them back right now from getting baptized was the money, they are kind of hurting this month. Justino started asking what he did, and he said he works with like steel construction and welding and stuff, and Justino was like “OH! I need this and this and this done and you should come and fix this at the church and blah blah blah just giving him all this work and then Cacilda was like, hey I need a new oven and this and this” and it was awesome! Then, we started teaching and it was the greatest lesson. Justino and Cacilda shared their experience with marriage and stuff, and then we committed them to really start living the law of chastity until their marriage on the first of November. It was one of the best lessons ever!

But anyways, thats my week. I am doing so good. Things were crazy today, the couples are coming tomorrow and it was a mess getting the apartments ready for them and stuff. On the bright side, I did break 100 in bowling today!

Life as a missionary is the greatest. Life as an Office Elder is even greater.

Lots of love,

Elder Poyfair
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