Week 68: Sometimes, things don’t go exactly as you plan… or even close…


Well if there’s one thing I’ve learned from my mission, its that things don’t ever quite work out like you expect them to. This week was a PRIME example of this!


So if you’ll remember where I left off, It was the night before Elder Clayton from the Presidency of the Seventy and his wife and Elder Ellis from the Seventy and his wife and President Kretly and Sister Kretly and the entourage of translators and security guard’s plane had been delayed and we were left scrambling to figure out how to reorganize the schedules of the meetings and such.

Well, the next morning, THE MORNING OF THEIR ARRIVAL, we received a call from President Kretly, with crazy news: the airplane had been CANCELED! There would be no airplane coming from Beira to Maputo due to technical difficulties.


Of course that would happen on the day of the special visit!! What were we going to do? All of the missionaries were already gathered at the matola chapel, and the leadership of all branches were going there. It had been planned for MONTHS, lunch was purchased, Swaziland missionaries on their way, everything was going to happen and IN AN INSTANT, IT ALL CHANGED.

We were stunned. A couple minutes later, we got another call from President. He said that they were just informed that the Airline would send 1 small, 30 passenger airline from Beira to Maputo, and that their group of 8 was going to be given 1 seat! The rest  would be left, stranded in Beira. It was decided that Elder Ellis would come, without his wife, and because he would be coming so late, all meetings were going to be combined! Missionaries, members, district counsel, and leadership! Luckily, it all went perfect. He arrived well, the meeting was AWESOME and all of the members loved it, A BUNCH of my recent converts were there, even Antonio, from T3! Super fun to see everyone and talk and stuff. Elder Ellis then hopped on a flight to Jo-berg and Elder Clayton and everyone else got a direct flight from Beira to Johannesberg instead. I didn’t even get to see him! Oh well. What do you do.

The rest of the week was….. kind of a downer!

Almost all of our families are having HUGE problems right now. Like, liiterally, our area is getting CRUSHED right now!

First off, Gersio and Marilia. I have been talking about them for a while, but pretty much, this week, we had a really important lesson with them. Their family had told them if they get baptized, they get kicked onto the street. We were going back to address some doubts he had about baptism, and see where they stood and if their faith was strong enough to follow their savior in the correct form of Baptism. We studied good, planned out the lesson and stuff. Got there, taught the lesson, and it went SO good. It was direct, they were participating and into it, we taught the doctrine clearly and testified, and at the end, we asked what they thought and invited Gersio to be baptized. And he denied us! He said, “No. I won’t. I’ve made my decision. I won’t be baptized. Please respect it.” and it was so sad! We asked him to pray about it, and he said he knew what he needed to do, but in the end, decided he wasn’t strong enough to do it. He then got up and left. 😦 SAD! Nothing else we could do. They haven’t answered the phone, are never home, and didn’t show up to church. Sad stuff. That is really unusual here in Mozambique!! I love them so much. I know eventually they will be baptized but man it was hard.

Something similar happened with Krislerio and Johanna. All of our families are falling apart!

It is ok though. Through all of it, I felt calm and assured, like I didn’t need to worry. It was completely different from when similar things happened in Quelimane, and I would freak out and get so stressed and worry and get mad and stuff. I felt like we did our part, and I know that this week will be better! There are so many other prepared families in our area, and I know we will be able to find them.

We still had 3 complete investigator families at church, and then afterwards we were able to go to CATEMBE!!! We visited Vasco and Quiteria and baby Karli. They and the other members there are so awesome. They leave their houses at 6 AM, walk for miles to get to the boat port, pay money they have saved up during the week to ride a half hour boat ride, then walk for 3 miles on the other side until the church to get there at 9. (Realistically, 10.) They are so cool!

Anyways. SO many other good things happened this week, it really was a good week and lots of stuff happened but unfortunately, there never is quite enough time to write everything.

One piece of BIG news though, is that there might be a new office elder!! Elder Herd, who was serving in Chimoio, has 2 really bad and infected ingrown toenails. He has to get surgery here in Maputo! He flies in tonight, and we pick him up at midnight. He will stay with us, and President asked him to bring all of his things from Chimoio, because he won’t be going back! There are 3 more weeks of the transfer, and President said he will be working with us during his recovery and stuff! The same exact thing happened a couple of months ago with Elder Hall. He stayed office elder afterwards! There is a pretty good chance he stays here, we have 3 weeks to train him and stuff, and then I leave! Pretty  exciting, but we will see what happens.

Anyways. Sorry for the short letter. Wish they actually captured my whole week. I will try to have more boring weeks to make that happen. 😉

Love you all,

Elder Poyfair

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