Week 69: So there’s this new thing where I write an email every week….

Hi Family,

Another week down and we are already in November. One year ago from tomorrow I went to Quelimane! Every month goes so fast. It kind of scares me. But things are going good! I think that one of the problems of staying in the same area for a long time, is your weeks all start blurring together. Like, honestly, what did  I do this week that I didn’t do last week? Haha. So I apologize if the emails are getting less and less interesting. Welcome to my life. 😉 Haha just kidding. And the pictures! Sorry I have been slacking lately. Seriously, I can only take so many pictures of my car and computer screen. And we are only out in Actual Africa at like 7 o clock when it is already dark anyways. 🙂

News for this week:

Our life kind of got shaken up when we went and picked up Elder Herd from the airport. Did we think he was going to be the new office elder and replace me FINALLY after 6 transfers and nine months in the office? Yes it definitely crossed our minds. Especially when on Tuesday, at staff meeting, Elder Herd got invited to come in and be apart of it. That never happens! We have had other elders come in to stay with us for medical procedures, but NEVER were they invited to staff meeting. We talked about lots of confidential stuff, and at that point we were sure that he was going to the new Secretary.

However, a week later, we are pretty unsure. We havn’t received ANY further instruction, like if we need to start training him, or teaching him to drive or anything. His surgery is tomorrow, for double ingrown townails. So really no further updates on that. 🙂

Election day was pretty calm, but this week, the results were announced and there was a ton of rioting and chaos going on, so all missionaries were told to stay in our houses! We and the APs were at the office, and President said we had to stay there and sleep there! With no extra clothes, no food, dinner or breakfast, pillows, or enough beds or ANYTHING. We were on lockdown, it kind of stunk! Luckily, President showed up that night at like 8:00 PM with a big family pack of KFC, and we all ate together. It was nice. I slept on the floor that night, because there werent enough beds and I didn’t have a mosquito net. Well, I woke up in the middle of the night, DRENCHED in sweat and with mosquitos ALL OVER MY FACE!! I seriously slapped like 6 of them that were ATTATCHED to my face, and went and turned on the AC that had mysterioulsy turned of and gave myself a mini-bath in bug spray. It was so awful. Luckily, no malaria yet. 🙂

This week was spent working HARD. Our proselyting area is falling apart. We are only able to go out and work at around 6 or 7 PM each night, which makes it really hard to keep up with the families we are teaching. Unfortunately, it makes it even more difficult to find new families at the same time! So our problem was, we were trying to teach lots of families at the same time, and as such did not have much time to find new families. Then, last week, all of our families that were progressing well began falling apart, and now we are pretty much starting from square one. It is a little bit frusterating. This sunday, we did not have a single “family at church”. This is a key indicator our mission has, of how many complete investigating families (mom and dad and kids) your companionship has at church. If the mom is there but the dad isn’t, it doesn’t count. So this week, we didn’t have a single family at church. It was only the second time in my mission that this has happened, the first time being my very first week in Mozambique, in T3 with Elder Proksch. Needless to say, it was a little hard. I felt like a failure. Like, I want to have success so so bad, and I honestly feel like we are doing our best with what we are given, and working effectively and being obedient and stuff but lately we have just been getting crushed out there. Its hard, and I felt bad for myself for a little bit, but we moved on and speant the rest of Sunday looking HARD for new families. We really are coming home every night just DEAD tired from working all day, and as hard as it is right now, I know the Lord will bless us as we keep moving forward.

We started playing basketball for our morning excercise, there is a high school down the street from our house so we wake up half an hour early and go play, us and the aps. My companion is a pretty funny basketball player. He can destroy me in soccer but I’ve got him beat when it comes to basketball. Brazillians can’t be good at everything I guess. 🙂

We worked a lot with President this week.  There was a time this week where me and Elder Lourenco were sitting on the floor of President Kretly’s office, counting a BUNCH of money and sorting through the emergency fund of the mission, laughing with each other and making jokes and stuff while we did it. And I thought, “This isn’t too bad.”. President Kretly trusts us SO much! We speant the whole day with him on Friday, after district meeting, which included us going and getting pizza together after some of the work we did together at the bank. We talked a lot there at the pizza place, about what the plans for the mission are and what is probably going to happen. In the end, I probably won’t be leaving the office for a while. STILL. There are some plans he has that still havn’t happened. So yeah! I will probably be here until Christmas at the earleist. Yaaaay me. 🙂

Serving in the office has been a blessing and a curse. I know I will look back, and be greatful for every second I speant here. But at the same time, I am just kind of itching to see what I can do full time in the feild.

Oh well. 🙂

Things are going good. I am healthy, me and my companion are getting along pretty good, I mean, its hard when you have been with the same guy for 3 transfers, like, there are obviously things that are going to bug you and we butt heads sometimes but for the most part things are good and we are able to work them out.

Mozambican’s are SO great. I am so gratful for the chance I have had to serve here with them! They are so special to me. We have been working a lot with the members in our branch as we try to find families to teach through their friends, and I am so inspired by how happy they are compared to all the other people we come in contact with. Seriously, the active members here in Mozambique are SO BLESSED! They are so happy as they live the gospel and the contrast is amazing. This is a people that really needs the gospel.

But yeah. 🙂 That was my week. Thanks for all of your support, prayers, and interest in whats going on in my life. I am doing well, and love you all!

Elder Poyfair

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