Week 70: Getting the President to LOL on his phone is no small feat

Hi, today is P-Day! Everything is going well here in MOZ.

This week went well. There were definitely some highs and lows. 🙂 On the bright side, this week will go down in history as the week I MADE PRESIDENT KRETLY LAUGH THROUGH TEXT AND HE SENT BACK HAHAH ON THE CELLPHONE IN A TEXT. I know that doesn’t even seem like that big of a deal but it was literally the first time it has ever happened ever ever ever ever. In portuguese, they don’t say “Hahaha” but they say “KKKKK” instead. So I was texting him about hotel reservations, because at the end of the year he is going on this big long trip to visit a whole bunch of the areas, and one of the areas SUPER far away is called Luaha. It is literally a teeny village, in the middle of the mountains, with no stores, cell phone service, or ANYTHING like literally the middle of the jungle, but the whole village are members of the church and have a branch of like 50 people there. (Sadly, no missionaries.) So I texted president, saying that all of the reservations were done, the only problem we had was the reservation in Luaha, which was funny since there is obviously NO hotel there. Then he texted back, saying, “KKKKK my reservation is already confirmed” (meaning in the cool tent attachment in his truck).

Anyways. I know it doesn’t seem that big but like, no one has EVER been able to do that, no APs or Office Elders. So I was proud.


This week, Elder Herd had his surgery! Both toes got operated on. We were asked to go there with him and stay with him at the hospital for the surgery. We thought it wouldn’t be a big deal, but we were pretty unprepared for how long it ended up taking! It was like SIX HOURS LONG!!! Luckily I had brought my scriptures. I was able to read for about two hours, but in the end I fell asleep, and slept for a good two and a half hours haha. It felt SO good. I woke up, and my companion Elder Lourenco, was sleeping as well. Haha I took a picture of him there sleeping. That picture pretty much sums up Office Elder Life. 🙂


The surgery made working during the rest of the week a little complicated, because someone always had to be with him, and normally we just drop them off with the senior couples at night, but all of the couples, AND President and Sister Kretly, were at the couples “conference” (ahem vacation) for the whole week. But we were able to go out and split with members, and it wasn’t too bad. 🙂

This week, I had a SUPER good personal study on D and C 100. I was reading in Preach My Gospel, and went there for one of the scriptures, and stayed there in the short section for the whole hour! It was seriously SO GOOD. I literally felt like as I read, God was personally teaching me and helping me apply it and understand it. It was SO personal, and I was very grateful for it. 🙂 Its a good chapter, and sums up EVERYTHING that is going on in my life right now. 🙂

Sad news though. They took Zeus away. Zeus is our Ford Ranger, and we got a call from President saying that Elder Dille, one of the Senior couples would take it to Beira the next day. 😦 So we had to wash it, clean it out, fill it up, and turn the keys over and suddenly he was gone. 😦 President wants us and the APs to share a car eventually, but for now we are using the extra truck.

Anyways. My time is short and I already have to go. My mission is going so well, I’m so grateful for everything thats happening here. Mozambique is the BEST. Today we played soccer on the beach and it was heaven. 🙂

Thanks for all the support and prayers. I feel them every day.


Elder Poyfair
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