Hello family,

Today is TRANSFERS and……………………

I am staying right where I am. Maputo 2A. Special Assignement, Financial Secretary. FOR THE 7th TRANSFER!! Each transfer= 6 weeks. So 7 Transfers=10 and a half months of my mission!! WOW.

Also, we will be in a Tripanionship! Me, Elder Lourenco, andddd Elder REINSTEIN. He has been out on the mission as long as I have been in the office. We are pretty good friends on the mission, I am really excited to serve together. He is really smart and organized and obedient. He is gonna be a great financial secretary. 🙂

I am not too bummed about it. 🙂 President Kretly called me and we talked for a good 20 minutes about what his plans are with the Office. He said that the idea is that this will be my last transfer here in the office, I will train Elder Reinstein in the office work and everything and then leave for the field next transfer, onDecember 29th. He said, “It’ll depend, ya know? On how well you can train Elder Reinstein. If he isn’t trained well in one transfer, you will have to stay longer. If you want to stay the rest  of your mission here in the office, no problem for me. You can. But if you want to leave earlier, you need to train him really really good this transfer so you can leave.”

It is going to be a great transfer. 🙂 He is going to be SO well trained. 🙂

In other news, Elder Cummings, will be leaving and going to T3 for his last transfer. He has been AP for 5 transfers, and we have been in the same house for 7 months together. We have gotten pretty close! For example. Two weeks ago, I bought some mushrooms. And this week, I opened my fridge and they were rotton. ROTTON. Like, they smell SO BAD. So I said loudly, “Who wants some rotton mushrooms?” and Elder Cummings said loudly from the other room, in a joking voice, “I DO!!” So I walked in and threw the mushrooms at his face, and he jumped up and started chasing after me with them. So I went and hid behind Elder Hamrick, his companion, who  was reading the scriptures, and he walked away. I thought he went to throw them away, and so we resumed the night. But I didn’t know, he put them on my bed!! We ate dinner and stuff, forgot about it, and as he started to pray, he remembered it and felt bad, so he went in and moved them to my desk. So I walk in, see them on my desk, bring  them out, and say, “You put them on my desk?!?!?” and he said, “I’m sorry I put them on your bed…” and I said, “YOU PUT THEM ON  MY BED?!?!?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!” and he said, “There’s no problem! It didn’t do anything. We will go and look right now and then you’ll see theres no mess and it doesnt smell bad or anything. And if its bad, I’ll sleep there and you sleep in my bed.” So we go and check, and there is a HUGE stain on my bed of gross rotton mushroom juice and it smells AWFUL. We just busted up laughing, I went to sleep on his bed and he cleaned  it all up and we were just laughing and our room smelled bad all night.

Moral of the story: DONT MESS WITH ROTTON MUSHROOMS. 🙂 Andddddd me and Elder Cummings got to be good friends and he is leaving. He goes home in December.

It was a typical pre-transfer week: New missionaries arrived on Tuesday, three elders who had been serving for a transfer in Florida because of Visa problems, and then the next day one new Elder from the MTC and two new sisters. You have NO IDEA how much work goes into getting new missionaries! Buying all of the food and having rides for everyone and places to sleep and getting them their money and trainings and bringing them to President’s house, and walking with them and dealing with Jet lag and stuff. Then, we had to purchase all of the airplane tickets, give another budget presentation at staff meeting for the month, etc.

As far as our area goes, things are going pretty good. We were able to sit with 3 new families! All three lessons went well, and we had two complete families at church. The Lord continues to bless us as we try to do it all, office work and normal traditional missionary work.

Now, I am heading to the airport to pick up some elders from Quelimane, and other places, and take them to T3, where I will pick up Elder Reinstein and bring him back to the office. The real fun starts tonight atmidnight, when the flight from  Beira gets in, 8 Elders each going to different spaces
^ Right about here is where things got pretty crazy, and we had to go pick people up and all of that fun stuff and we didn’t get home until 2:30 in the morning. Luckily President gave us permission to sleep in a little bit, so I am just quickly putting this together and sending it off.  SO MUCH TO DO, ALL THE TIME AND IT NEVER STOPS. 🙂
So yeah. 🙂 Crazy crazy crazy life but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I promise a better letter next week. 🙂
Elder Poyfair
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