Week 72: Elder Poyfair loves Mozambicans

Happy Monday!

This week was great. Things started off fun with Transfer night: Me, Elder Lourenco and Elder Reinstein and the APs picking up Elders from the airport and taking them to their areas. We didn’t end up getting home until two in the morning! There were a lot of changes this transfer, including Elders from Beira going to Swaziland. It took some careful orchestration for it all to happen, but we all ended up  ok and all transfers happened smoothly. 🙂
Elder Reinstein is our new companion. He’s a great Elder! He cracks me up. Apperantly he had a dream a couple of nights before transfers, that he became Office Elder. He woke up, and told everyone in his house, “Guys! I had the worst  nightmare last night! I was transferred to the office!” Hahaha. I guess dreams really do come true. He was looking through all of the music on my computer, and he said, “So this is all kosher?” (Meaning, is all of the music approved for missionaries?) Hahaha. He is smart and learning everything really fast. He’s awesome!

From left to right: Elder’s Reinstein, Poyfair and Laurenco.

Before he came in, me and Elder Lourenco were trying to figure out the best way we could help him learn everything. It is kind of hard with only two computers and three elders. How we did before, when it was me and Elder Douglas training Elder Lourenco, was that Elder Lourenco didn’t have a computer, and sat in the middle so he could learn from both of us. However, Elder Lourenco didn’t think it was too effective, so with Elder Reinstein we decided I should give up my computer and be able to teach and train and help both of them. So I don’t have my own computer anymore! But its ok. Its been working really really well, being able to train him like that. Sometimes it is a little frusterating though, like on Pday when you want to email your family hahahaha.
We started driving with him this week! My respect for Elder Douglas and his patience in teaching me how to drive stick and in Mozambiqiue is at a all time high right now. 🙂 WOW its scary but he has been doing really good. He drove today from our house to Matola (20 minutes away) for our soccer today without any problems.
Other highlights of the week included making 6 trips to the airport and getting pulled over 5 times. Our techniques for not having to bribe or pay fake tickets from the corrupt cops are improving- This one was pretty mad at me, and was telling me I was going to have to pay a huge ticket for  not having an international drivers license and that he was going to take me to jail right then. I noticed him try and slip in an english word  here or there and decided to run with it- I said, “You speak English?” (Like a caveman). And he said, “Uhhh yeah…. I speak. Little by little.” and he had the goofiest grin on his face and  I knew I had won.  “You like to read?” I said, and he said, “Yeah, I like….” and I pulled a Book of Mormon and said, “Read this book. It will teach you about Jesus.” and he took it and said, “Yeah, ok. You can go now.” And we drove away. It was pretty funny!
We were walking home one night, and it was pretty late. Our area, Chamanculo, is a pretty sketchy neighborhood. Like, the sketchiest. Well, I was walking in front and I see this group of guys who look pretty gangster start coming towards us, and I get a little freaked out,  and then they like close in on us and this one reaches into his pants like he is pulling out a gun. And I am legitly scared and kind of made a noise and then  they all busted out laughing and were joking the whole time, and all of the old ladies were laughing hysterically and I felt so embarrassed. Well played, african hoodlums. Well played. 🙂
Then we were walking in the afternoon on Saturday, and there was this old, homeless looking guy who was a little bit drunk who was holding a bunch of belts and trying to sell them. We saw one of the belts, that said Jesus on the buckle, and Elder Reinstein thought it would be pretty funny to buy, so he started talking to the salesman and the guy says it costs 180 Meticais, which is pretty expensive for a lame belt. So Eleder Reinstein tries bargaining  with him and he won’t have it. And then, there were some teenagers sitting in chairs nearby who had been observing the whole thing, and one butted in saying, “180  Meticais? You can buy that same one  for 50 meticais and the market down the street!” and we all turned and looked at the teenager and slowly back to hear the old man, and his response was priceless: “That guy over there? He’s a DONKEY.”  And everyone on the street started laughing. It was so funny. I love Mozambicans. 🙂
It was Elder Hamrick, one of the APs birthday this week, so I thought I would be nice and wake up early and make him breakfast in bed. I have done it for  all of the Elders in my houses I’ve lived with. So I made him french toast, and It looked SO nice, with syrup and juice and stuff, and I put banana slices in a circle around the plate and drizzled sweetened condensed milk around it and it looked GOOD. So I brought it in to him, and he was so happy and ate it and it was awesome. However, because it looked so good, he had forgotten that he is pretty allergic to bananas and can’t eat them. About 20 minutes later  he was sick, and then he spent the rest of the morning throwing up. 🙂  Happy birthday Elder Hamrick! Hahahahahaha.
This week was District Conference! The attendence there was CRAZY!! There were 850 people at the chapel in Matola on Sunday. The capacity is 600. There was not enough seats for a lot of people, we were all standing outside listening through the windows. It was so cool. I saw alot of the  people I had baptized in T3. It was so cool.
We were really blessed this week in finding new families. We had a lot of new investigators, and we  had a new family come to the district conference! The work is going great here.
The best part though about this week was with Gersio and Marilia. We had dropped them about a month ago, they are the family that was having struggles with the family, where they live with their parents and there parents said if they got baptized, they were getting kicked out onto the street, and they decided to stop investigating the church, they didn’t want to get baptized and they stopped marking visits with us or  coming to church. They were   one of my favorite families, and I was super  sad when they dropped us. Well, this week, we went back, and it was literally one of the best, most spiritual lessons of my mission! It went so so so good. They had started reading again and decided that they need to be baptized. I wish I could describe how awesome the lesson was. They accepted baptism on Christmas day! Its going to be a white Christmas.
Honestly, things are going great right now. I love my mission, I love the work, I love my area and I love my companions.
BUT! As always, p-day is short  and I have to go now. Oh yeah! Some of the American families in Maputo 1 invited us over for dinner on thanksgiving!  Its going to be really good. I’ll actually eat some turkey this year. 🙂
Elder Poyfair
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