Week 73: Thanksgiving in MOZ

Goooooooooood Morning friends and family!

Even though they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Mozambique, we had a lot to be thankful for this week.
Remember Gersio and Marilia? That family I wrote about last week? Well. Things went super good last weekend, they had accepted baptism on Christmas Day and showed up early for church and everything. However, last Monday, after all the P-day festivities (shopping and emailing and random office work), they called us, and said, “Hey, we need you guys to come over tonight. Its urgent.” and we said, “Ok, we can, is something wrong?” and he said, “Well, we will talk tonight.”.
We were pretty worried, thinking that they chickened out and got scared of their family again or something like that. So we went over there, and it was pretty obvious that something was up. They wouldn’t really make eye contact with us, and it was a little awkward at first. So we started with a prayer, and asked them what was wrong. Gersio looked at us, and said, “I just wanted to apologize. I’m sorry we havn’t been baptized yet. It’s all my fault, I let things get in the way, and I was prideful, and I messed up. I’m sorry.” And that meant a lot, because we love them so much but he really has been quite the stinker in the past. He continued, “So, I bet you are wondering why we wanted you to come over. The truth is, we marked our baptism for the 25th of December. And, I don’t know if its too late, if its already in the calender and stuff and can’t be moved, but we would like to do it sooner. We have already waited to long!”
It was seriously the coolest thing. We went in there expecting the worst and it turned out better than we expected! As soon as they get the last documents they will get married and baptized, in secret because if their family finds out they will get kicked out. SUCH A COOL FAMILY.
Speaking of cool families, one of the new ones we found last week is looking pretty promising. His name is Luis and hers is Felizarda. I met them last Sunday, we were doing contacts on the street and I stopped him, he looked like he was kind of in a hurry, and he also looked too young to have a family. But I stopped, and talked to him anyways. He gave me his phone number, and I asked if we could go to his house and teach him and his wife right then. He reluctantly agreed, but the first lesson actually went super well! We went back this week and taught them again, and it was another really good lesson! At the end, we asked if he had any questions of doubts. He stopped, and said, quietly and sincerely, “What do I need to do to be baptized? I really want to change my life and start over, and I want to know what I need to do to be baptized in this church.” So we explained what he needs to do, and invited the whole family to be baptized on December 25th. They accepted! Then, we marked another lesson later in the week. Because of our office work, we were not able to make it to the other lesson, but to our suprise, they all showed up for church on sunday, half an hour early! They enjoyed it and seemed really interested. I am excited to see how they progress.
Thursday was THANKSGIVING! And this one rocked. To start things off, President had returned from his trip to South Africa and brought home BIG MACs for us.
So we ate those for lunch, and once again they were delecious. I can’t wait until I can go back to eating those regularly… 🙂
Then, for dinner, we had been invited to the Smith’s house for Thanksgiving dinner! They are a young American couple. he is the Branch President of Maputo 1. They have a two year old son, and have been in Mozambique for about that long. He owns the security company that guards the US Embassy (so they are pretty well off) and SUPER nice. 🙂 They have a border collie mix dog, that reminded me SO much of Mia. We went there with the APs and the senior couples, and ate ate ate ate ate ate ate ate ate seriously one of the best Thanksgiving dinners I have ever had. The whole Shebang. Turkey, potatoes, stuffing gravy, rolls, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, EVERYTHING. There was so much food and drinks and we all stuffed ourselves, and left to go and teach some lessons. They sent us away with a full turkey, so the next few days we made left over turkey-sandwiches just like we would have in the states. Seriously, being Financial Secretary has a lot of perks and this was DEFINITELY one of them. 🙂
Sunday was the Primary Program at church, and it was so awesome. There were like 70 kids there, not even joking. It was surprising close to how a  primary program would have gone  in the United States! President and Sister Kretly were there. I wish I could have filmed the whole thing, it was so cute. There are two identical girl twins and when they would go up for their parts, they said them in unison. Each child had a part to say, but they usually ended up speaking pretty out of order. For example, the theme was The Restoration and it went something like this:
“Joseph Smith was young man who  had a question about what church was true.”
(Next kid)
“John the Baptist came and gave Joseph Smith the Aaronic Preisthood.”
(Next kid)
“I saw a pillar of light, exactly over my head…”
SO Funny. I loved it. Our church attendance was really high as well, 285 people were there on Sunday! That is the highest its ever been. Also, in two weeks our branch is going to be dividing! Crazy crazy awesome growth.
Afterwards we went to Catembe, and visited Vasco and Quiteria and family, which included baby Karli.
I got some CUTE pictures of her, she is very smiley and happy. They had invited another family over for us to teach, which went well also.
Then afterwards it started to rain, and we got completely SOAKED, like wet wet wet. I loved it.
That was pretty much the week! Things are going good. Elder Reinstein is getting better at driving, the work in the office is going pretty good, my mission is the best and I love it.
The End.
Elder Poyfair
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