Week 74: It’s beginning to look a lot like A TRANSFER…

Good morning friends and family,

Today is P-day and our time is SHORT!! I don’t have too long to write so I will try to do my best and give some of the highlights from my week.
First off, it was a really good week! Just to refresh everyone’s memory, I am currently serving as Financial Secretary of the Mozambique Maputo Mission. I have been here for 7 transfers, or 10 and a half months, or almost half of my mission.

We went to the airport today to pick up a senior couple who was finishing their mission, so here is a picture of me there. Notice my new shirt I bought this week.

Well, this Saturday, Elder and Sister Kimball arrive here in Mozambique and they will be REPLACING US! Yep. Thats right. No more Elders as Secretaries! They are coming straight from the MTC and President Kretly is really excited about them. Most of this week was spent in preparation for their arrival, making sure all of our records are organized and everything is ready for a smooth transition for them to begin their work as Secretaries this Saturday. (!)
So what does this mean for me?
President Kretly said that I will be LEAVING this transfer, on December 29th. Until then, I will work on training them. My two companions, Elder Reinstein and Elder Lourenco, will stay here for another transfer or two after I leave, and come into the office for 2 or so hours every day to make sure everything is going smoothly. Other than that, they will be working in area the rest of the time.
WOW! Everything is about to change. My days in the office are winding down, and it is going to go really fast. I’m not sure I’ll know how to be a normal missionary again when I leave. 🙂
But anyways. Cool experiences from the week.
First, Gersio and Marila, are doing so so good. He came and washed our cars to earn  the money necessary to “open the marriage process”. Opening the process is the last step necessary to get legally married. It basically means going to the Marriage Register with all of the documents, and declaring you want to get married and paying some money, and then they tell you to come back in 8 days and pick up the certificate. We are going with them to open it on WEDNESDAY, so they can get married and baptized on December 20th.
This week, we had a Leadership Council with ALL of the Zone leaders in the mission, here at the Office. Normally we do the meetings over the internet, but this time President wanted it in person, so all of them flew in from the various  parts of the country. The good part? Having everyone in person made for an awesome, collaborating, contributing, dynamic meeting. We were, all of them, us, the aps, and President and Sister Kretly all in a circle and it was literally like Jedi Council. The bad part? It was like transfers all over again, going to the airport at midnight and picking people up and dropping off and finding places for everyone to sleep and stuff. We didn’t sleep much at all during those few days.
We had an old family named Florencio and Fayda, they were awesome and had opened the process when I came to the office, but then he went to South Africa and they moved far away. It was sad! But, this week, two cute african kids came up to me and grabbed my hand in the middle of the street, all excited, and I recognized them as Florencio and Fayda’s kids! I was a little surprised, but they said they had moved back! They led me, by the hand, to their new house, and we came back the next day and taught the whole family. They had felt the gap in their lives and want to come back and be married and baptized. The whole family showed up at church as well! So awesome.

Also, the view of Maputo from the beach is the best.

Lastly, one night this week, I was saying my nightly prayers, just before going to bed, and I felt impressed during the prayer to pray for the safety of my family back in the United States. So I did, and asked for them to be protected. Today, I read the emails from my family, and saw that my sister, Katelyn (who turns 18 this Saturday!) was involved in a pretty crazy car accident! She wasn’t driving, but her friend’s car was totaled. They had to go to the hospital in an ambulance, and her friend was hurt but Katelyn came out practically untouched. HOW COOL IS THAT???? Every one was ok, and I know for sure that God protected them in that moment, and that my prayer and the accident had to have occured the same night.
Anyways. Thats about all I have time for. The work here is going awesome. I love it. My mission means so much to me and I am so grateful for everything I have learned and am still learning. The last thing I want to share, is a quote I found from Preach My Gospel, this morning during personal study. It isn’t a very popular quote, in fact I had NEVER EVER heard it or read it before and it is kind of hidden back in the “Accountability” section, but it says,
“The attitude you have toward your mission experience is a reflection of your love toward your Heavenly Father and His Son and your respect for the preisthood.” -Preach My Gospel, page 151

Also, we played soccer on the beach today, and there was this fat albino african baby that I thought was pretty cute.

I LOVE this quote. Our mission really is a gift and as we appreciate all of our experiences that have on the mission and have a good attitude about them, we really are showing our love towards God.
Com Amor,
Elder Poyfair
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