Week 75: Zone Conference Hangover, New branches in Maputo!

My life right now is that scene from Elf at the beginning where Santa is like, “We’ve had another very successful Zone Conference!” (Everyone cheers). “And now, its time  to start preparations for NEXT ZONE CONFERENCE” (Even more cheers).

Yeah. Yesterday was Zone Conference, so I apologize for not writing. Things got PRETTY CRAZY!
Last week was a good one. Again. 🙂 Hahaha. The only problem is, today is Wednesday (two days after P-Day) we have LOADS of things to do, so this can’t really be my longest email of all time, but I will try my best to sum up everything that happened this week.
The highlights were the Noite de Integração (directly translated it’s “integration night” but it makes a lot more sense  in Portuguese. Pretty much it was a Branch Activity), opening the Marriage Process for Gersio and Marilia, and our branch Dividing!
First off, Note de Integração. It went so well! We had decided we wanted to do more activities in the Branch, to help our Recent Converts and old members and investigators all be able to mingle and have fun and be friends. So we had it announced on Sunday, planned some fun little activities, and hoped for the best. When we went there on Wednesday night, there were 40 people there, recent converts and investigators and members and branch presidency and everyone! It was awesome. We played musical chairs and sang hymns and brought balloons. We played game where everyone tapes a balloon on their back, and gave everyone a toothpick. We told them that whoever is the last person with a balloon still on their back wins. It was complete CHAOS, everyone running around screaming and popping balloons. They loved it. Then we had a projecter and computer and watched a Christmas video. It turned out SO good and we were really excited about it.
Next, we opened the marriage process for Gersio and Marila! We went over to the Marriage Register and they opened it up. We were hoping to get it for the 20th, but the process needed to stay open for 8 full WORKING days so we had to delay the marriage until December 27th. It will be AWESOME. 🙂 We had a funny experience on Sunday with them, we could not find them at church and we thought that they didn’t come. We were kind of ticked because they would announce the marriage and baptism at sacrament meeting, and it would stink if they weren’t there for it. Plus, they need to be coming to church every week in order to be baptized. So I kept calling them, but they wouldn’t answer. And I was so mad at them! I was sending them messages and everyting, and then one time he answered and hung up on me! I was pretty mad, I thought he was ignoring me,  and I called one more time and this time he answered! “What, Elder?” he said in a hushed voice. “…Heyyyy Gersio, how are you?” “Fine, Elder.” “Great….. so why aren’t you here at church?” “… I’m here upstairs.” and then he hung up. And so we went upstairs (here, gospel doctrine is upstairs and gospel principles is downstairs), and looked in and they were there, sitting next to each other in the back! They wanted to go to the different class this week, so went upstairs and were there the whole time. 🙂 So funny. They are the coolest family ever.
Finally, our branch divided!! We used to have Maputo 1 and Maputo 2 here in the city (we work in Maputo 2). So this thursday, we had a meeting with all of the missionaries and branch presidents and President Kretly and talked about how the branches would divide! Now instead of 2 branches, they took part of Maputo 1 and part of Maputo 2 and created a third additional branch! Our branch is now called………. THE CHAMANCULO BRANCH!! Yep. The branch is named after our area. Chamanculo is the name of the neighborhood that I have worked in since I got here, Our branch president stayed the same (Our recent convert, Justino Anselmo), and our first counselor stayed the same as well but the new second counselor is one of my favorite members, named Nelsio! As in, Nelsio and Celia. They are an awesome family. We now have the branch of Polana, which includes part of our old branch, and Catembe so we sadly won’t be going there any more. The branch president is the old 2nd counselor from Maputo 2, Anastacio!  It was all so exciting. Now instead of Maputo 1 and Maputo 2 we have Chamanculo, Sommerscheild and Polana. The members were very excited as well. I heard one of the missionaries from Matola ask the members from our branch how church was, and the members said, “Yeah, church was good. They divided the branches and created a stake!” Hahahaha  almost. Not quite. 🙂
So thats about it. TONS of other stuff happened but that is all I have time for right now. I will write more about zone conference and stuff next week, deal?
Love you all.
Elder Poyfair
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