Week 76: Feliz Natal everyone!


Feliz Natal everyone!

This week has been one of the craziest but things here are going fantastic and I am excited and ready for Christmas.

Tuesday was Zone Conference. It took a lot of work to pull off! We brought in all of the missionaries from the outside areas (Quelimane, Nampula, Tete, Chimoio, and Maxixe), so we spent most of Pday running and picking people up from the airport and doing random last minute errands. It was even worse because President was leaving for his big long year-end trip early the day after Zone Conference, so we had to finish up a lot of things to make sure all was well in the office and we had all necessary checks signed and stuff to smoothly cruise into the new year. It didn’t really feel like P-day, and I didn’t even get to email my family. But hey, I got to go out with Elder Kitchen, one of my best friends who is currently serving in Tete and pick up Quelimane Elders from the airport at midnight in the POURING rain! The roads were all flooded, almost above the wheel of our Ford Ranger. So many cars were stuck and stopped, and we were pretty much driving through lakes to get there and back. Pretty fun stuff.


The next morning was Zone Conference. We had a bunch of extra elders sleeping on the floor at our house and stuff, and we woke up to see we didn’t have any water!! NOOOO! Some kind of problem, where water didn’t come out of the sinks or shower. I was outside trying to fix it, and one of the neighbors walked by, started helping me and stuff, and then said we could borrow some buckets from him and use his water! We were so grateful for those buckets of water that morning, so we could go to Zone Conference clean. 🙂 Zone Conference was amazing. Seriously, so so amazing. I wish I could have filmed it and showed it to all of you? Too bad. Anyways, you missed out. In our last Zone Conference, we had discussed gospel applications of the first 3 habits (of highly effective people), so this time we discussed the last 4 and how they relate to missionary work and stuff. It was great. 🙂


It ended at about 5 o clock PM, and we all headed over to the office for the Mission Christmas Party. We ate really good food and watched the mission slideshow and each district presented a skit. Something cool happened during dinner, President Kretly was talking to one of the new senior couples and she asked if we had any missionaries here who had come out at 18 on the mission just out of high school. And I was talking to someone else, but kind of eavesdropping on this, and President Kretly said, “Yeah, where is Elder Poyfair…….. Elder Poyfair?” and I turned around, and he told her, “Elder Poyfair came out just after high school, he is very young, but really mature, and I didn’t even know for a long time. He is one of our Secretaries too! A very good missionary. Excellent missionary. As you can see, the 18 year olds were just as good as the 19 year olds.” It was cool. The first missionary he thought of! Nice. The skits were pretty funny, ours was kind of thrown together at the last minute but it turned out well. After all was said and done, we had to drive ALL the missionaries back to their houses and we didn’t get home until midnight. Luckily everyone got home safe. I did get pulled over on the way back by a pretty scary corrupt cop, but I was able to turn it around on him and started contacting him and talking to him about his family and stuff and I think I kind of freaked him out and he let me go. 🙂 If only that worked in the United States.


The next day, President left in the morning and we spent all day at my favorite place, the airport. 🙂 Each of the elders seemed to leave at a different leaving time, and we received new missionaries as well. Plus, Elder Cummings left. Elder Cummings was one of the Aps here, and we were together in the same house for 5 transfers (7 and a half months) together. We got super close, he’s like my best friend. Because President had to leave early, we got to take him to the airport! It was cool. He was a really big influence on me, and I’m gonna miss him a ton!

DSC03341 DSC03329 DSC03325 DSC03317 DSC03309

Also, it was Elder Reinstein’s birthday, but we weren’t able to celebrate at all because the day was so crazy. So the next day, on thursday, we went to a Chinese Buffet. It was a really nice one, and really expensive, but his parents put enough money on it to pay for everyone so we went there, and it was SO GOOD. Like my favorite lunch ever. They had giant shrimp and the sushi was great. Mozambican Wasabi is WAY stronger than american wasabi. It was seriously the best, and I think I am going to take us and the aps out there again on Christmas with the money Grandma and Grandpa Craner gave me. It was so great.


Saturday, one of the Sister Companionships in our district baptized a family! They are so cool. I got to interview them, they are really a strong couple. They have a cute fat baby and two twin daughters who always always always wear the same things. Their names are Toley and Marcia, and I put some pictures of them in. Then later in the day we had our branch Christmas activity. It went surprisingly well! A fun talent show (one of our recent converts rapped) and good food, the devotional went well and it was a lot of fun with about 80 people there.


The next day, sunday, was the first sacrament meeting for the Chamanculo branch. It was great! 122 people there, and it all went smoothly. Something funny happened later in the day, we were low on street contacts for the week so we made a little contest that whoever got 8 qualified contacts first would get a bunch of food from the others. I won. I respond well to things like that. 🙂 But I started a contact, stopped the guy and asked where he was going and stuff and held out my hand to shake his, and Elder Reinstein my companion swooped in out of no where, took his hand, and stole my contact! Cut me off! So I was walking away, a little ticked, when I heard Elder Reinstein ask, “So do you beleive in Jesus Christ?” and the guy was like, ” I beleive in the name of ALLAH!! I am muslim!!” and muslims don’t count as contacts, we can’t teach them and this guy was really strong and it was SUPER funny. Serves you right for stealing my contact. 🙂


Anyways. Next email I will know where I am going, and next week I am OUT OF HERE. My days in the office are winding down, but I am excited for what is coming next. Gersio and Marilia are getting baptizedthis saturday too, I will be sure to send lots of pictures.

Have a good Christmas, hopefully this year is better than last year. 😉


Elder Poyfair

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