Week 78: New Years, Referrals are cool & Still in the office

2014 was the year I started and finished in Mozambique. And it passed by SO fast! I seriously can’t beleive that I am already in 2015!

At the beginning of 2014, I set a goal that I wanted to baptize 12 complete families (Dad, mom, and any kids). One per month. Granted, I made that goal before I knew I was going to spend a majority of the year working in the Mission Office, but nonetheless that was the goal that President Kretly challanged us to acheive and me and all of my companions worked really hard to make it happen. However, even with the help of the Lord, we came a little bit short. But we were still able to baptize 6  AWESOME families! I am really grateful for this past year and for those famlies that were baptized. Hopefully this 2015 is just as good!
And if this week is any indication, it will be.  🙂
This week we focused on references. In the MTC, the push was really strong on references and member missionary work. But since I got here in the mission, the emphasis wasn’t quite as strong. It didn’t really need to be-  where in other places, door to door tracting and street contacts aren’t effective and member missionary work is the only way to do it, here in Mozambique door to door tracting and street contacts work great.
However, we know that investigators found through references have a much higher percent of being baptized and staying strong, and across the world it really has become the best way of finding. It has never REALLY been tried too seriously here in Mozambique, but this week we felt inspired to really try and apply it more in our area. So we made plans to sit with ever single member family in our area during the week, and do as Preach My Gospel says and help them create a list of families to share the gospel with, and help them make goals, etc on how to do it.
We worked really hard this week and saw AWESOME results! Yesterday alone, we sat with four new families!  At church, we had two NEW complete families at church, and both families were references! One of them had a cool story: Me and Elder Reinstein were knocking some apartment complexes while Elder Lourenco was out teaching some investigators with a member. And we were focusing really hard on asking EVERYONE for references. I had read a quote earlier from President Hinckley that says:
“We know that missionaries who ask for referrals are far more likely to receive them.”
It seems so simple, right? Haha.
So we weren’t having too much luck, but we were asking everyone for references, and there was this one non-interested single lady, and she was telling us to leave and we asked if she knew anyone else who, unlike her, might be interested. She said, “Well, yeah, I know a guy named Isaias…” and so we asked for his phone number, like, who is going to have a random phone number memorized off the top of their head, but SHE DID! She told us the phone number, and then told us that he was her brother, lived close, had a wife, and had already been to our church! So we left and called him and marked a visit for sundaymorning. So we go there, talked to them about church, invited them to come, and they both kind of shrugged and said, “ok!” So we waited 10 minutes while they got ready and then we went to church together!! ALL FROM A NON INTERESTED CONTACT! References man. Its the way to go.
We have an investigator named Carolina that will be baptized this Saturday, she is 23 years old and had been coming to church for like 6 months and we thought that she was a member because her whole family is but she was never baptized. So we have been teaching her, she is awesome, and this saturday, she will get baptized!
It turned out kind of cool because I WILL STILL BE HERE!! Haha I forgot to say, that President Kretly delayed transfers, so they will not happen until NEXT monday and I still have no idea where I am going. Oh well, whatever happens happens. 🙂
New Years was fun, we had to come home early, so we did weekly planning and then played some rummy kub and speed scrabble, which the tidwells let us borrow. Then we went to bed at 10:30, and still managed to wake up at midnight because a bunch of african kids were throwing these SUPER loud bomb-type fireworks through the fence in our front porch. Like what?? Haha. It was funny though. Lots of drunk people and fireworks during the week.
But anyways! That was, in a nutshell, my week. Mozambique is the best! 18 months in, I am still  just as excited to be here as I was when I read my call. This really is the Lords work, and being a part of it is such a blessing. Have a good week!
Elder Poyfair
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