Week 80: Hanging with E. Douglas, Dreadlocks guy and the Christmas package finally arrived!

Hello friends and family,

I’ve got five months left until I go home and time is going SO FAST! I can’t even beleive it. The weeks feel like days and the months feel like weeks. Next week, we are having another General Authority visit! Two of them actually. Elder Ellis from the First Quorum of the Seventy will be comiing, and then the next week Elder Callister, the Sunday School President is coming! Elder Callister is one of my favorites. I’m very excited for their visit and the missionary meetings and everything that will be going on. Unfortunately, it also means a lot of planning and reservations and tickets purchased and money on our part. But it will all turn out ok. 🙂

This week, I got to spend some time with Elder Douglas! Love that guy. We were companions for almost 6 months, and then he went to Swaziland and I stayed here. He got transferred again, up to Manga, so he had to pass through here. He came in around noon and left late at night. We went out to lunch after staff meeting (staff eating) and then there was an elder that had to be picked up from the airport, so we left Elder Reinstein in the office with the Kimballs and me and Elder Douglas went out to pick him up and drop him off! It was just like old times hahaha. After that we went and visited Justino and Cacilda, one of the families me and him baptized who got called as branch president a month later. They loved seeing us again! Then we went and taught another family, before dropping him off at the airport.

Also this week, I got my package! There are rumors that there was a mail strike in south africa, and the workers burned a warehouse that had a bunch of packages going to Mozambique. I don’t know if its true or not (Its kind of hard to fact check other missionaries when no one has the internet), but I was kind of convinced my package got burned. NOPE! It got here on friday and I was so so so happy. I got some NICE ties, lucky charms, a really soft Pikachu tee-shirt (that every other missionary is jealous of) and a lot of other stuff. So that was awesome!

Thomas and Dulce, that couple we are teaching, where he has the Dredlocks?? This week was a really good week for them. There are seriously just eating everyhing up. They LOVE everything we teach, and are so willing to act on anything we say. They have a STRONG testimony that the church is true, and are so humble and funny and quirky. They thought the Plan of Salvation was the greatest thing they had ever heard, and came to church again and loved it. He is a professional musician, and he loves the hymns, so I gave him a hymn book, and when we went over to their house one night, he showed us a Jazz version of “Israel, Israel God is Calling.” Like, with drums and bass and guitar and piano and everything. It was so awesome! Such a funny guy. You would picture him, by the way he looks, to be like a druggie, into bob marley and reggae and stuff. But he actually just listens to Kenny G, and hasn’t done drugs or drank or anything in years. AWESOME!

Sunday was good, we had 4 complete families at church! Another miracle. We were standing outside, greeting people who come in, and this couple walked in and were worried that they were 4 minutes late for the 10 o clock meeting. We asked who they were, and they said he was an inactive member and he brought his wife, who isn’t and wants to be baptized. Like, they literally just fell onto our lap. We taught them last night and it went really well.

We had a cool experience this week, we were early to a lesson, so we decided to knock some doors in the area near the investigators house. So we knocked a door, and a little kid answered, he said his parents weren’t home but his sick Grandpa was and he wanted us to talk to him. So we came in, and his grandpa was there, half paralyzed and not doing to well. He started talking to us, but he wasn’t making too much sense and had a speech problem. We talked to him for a little bit, and he was talking but it was hard to understand him. It was time for us to go to the next lesson, and then out of no where, the grandpa says he needs to urinate, and unzips his pants and holds up a bucket and starts urinating, right in front of us! So we were kind of like, “Ok! Wow! We gotta go, bye!” and took off, not thinking too much about it. We went to our lesson, and were leaving, walking out of that neighborhood, when I saw a man carrying a BIG bag of mangos, and he was struggling, So I asked if he needed help, and he said no but I took the bag from him and started carrying it and he was grateful, and started leading us to his house. Well, we keep going, and get to his house, and of course of all the houses, it was the house with the sick grandpa!! He brings us in, and is all excited, and introducing us to everyone. He introduces us to the sick grandpa, who is his dad, and his dad says, slowly and sadly and with his speech problem, something like, “These jerks were already here- they come in, and leave without even saying goodbye. I was talking to them, and they just left.” And the man with the mangos was like, “Yeah, thats my dad. He’s crazy! He thinks you were already here” And we were like, “We were, he’s right..” And went over to him, and put my arm on his shoulder and apologized, and talked to him for a while. I apologized again, and he had been happier, and he said we were forgiven, and we left.I felt bad about what we had done, and felt like we messed up. It didn’t seem bad the first time, but Christ wouldn’t have just walked out when he started peeing like we did. I was really grateful that God led us back to that house for us to be able to correct that mistake we made.

Anyways, that was my week! Everything is good, thanks for your support!


Elder Poyfair

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