Week 81: Busy, Big Macs and Karli’s new rattle


This week was busy. Busy busy busy. We are trying to get everything organized and set up for our back to back general authority visits! This week it is Elder Ellis from the 70 and then the next week, Tad R Callister the Sunday School President. Lots of things to do! Elder Ellis is coming to visit the office tomorrow so we have been cleaning and organizing everything. Its a lot of fun, let me tell you. πŸ™‚

Flash back to two years ago when I submitted my mission papers, I honestly didn’t think I would be in the middle of africa, cleaning out a mission office on Pday. Its kind of funny how life works like that, isn’t it?

But anyways, this week was good. Monday after emailing our families, we headed out to a family night.Β  On the way, we went to pick up some recent converts planning to walk with them to the family night. Well, we got there and the wife refused to come. The couple had been fighting and she told us, very strongly, “I’m going back to my old church! In my old church, my husband was nicer to me! I’m never coming back to this church.” And she stormed off. We took the husband and daughter with us, and had an awesome family night with another family. We talked about charity, and treating our wives well, and played games and ate this fruit they only have in africa and sang hymns and it was awesome. We were also happy and releived to see the wife who said she was going back to her old church walk in to our church on sunday with her whole family.

So we have this senior couple here, the Kimballs. And they are supposed to take our spots as office elders. So this week we worked HARD on training them, in hopes that they can hold down the fort by themselves next transfer and we can go be normal missionaries. They are doing really good, learning everything and I think they will be ready.

We had a branch activity on Wednesday, not a lot of people showed up but it was fun anyways. We played musical chairs (which is way more intense with mozambicans), and charades and then set up Elder Kimball’s laptop with the projector and watched “The Restoration” on the big screen in the dark. The spirit was strong, and everyone loved the activity.

We also had a temple prep lesson planned for Thursday night. We had been holding the class during church, but the problem was, the strong members who needed to be attending were in the classes as Presidents or Branch Presidency and such, and couldn’t attend during church! So we decided to try and do it during the week. It was announced in Sacrament Meeting, and we showed up but only found two single men there. Doh! We talked briefly about the temple and then went and made some posters and little invitations to give out at church. Hopefully the attendence is better next week. πŸ™‚

President came back from South Africa and once again, brought us Big Macs. Literally you have no idea how much happiness can come from a cold, slightly soggy big mac. πŸ™‚ It makes your whole day. Don’t any of you back home EVER take big macs for granted. πŸ™‚ Haha.

Our families are doing good. We are teaching one named Goo and Ines. He was once a member, but went inactive and then moved in with a girl, now he wants to come back and she wants to be baptized. Awesome! They came to church again this sunday and while she is catholic and a little hesitant, she is reading the Book of Mormon and seems intrigued by our message, but doesn’t want to jump into anything too quickly. Her husband is funny though, correcting her pronunciation on the names of the prophets and such. They are a cool couple.

Thomas and Dulce are doing good too! This week, we broke the news that for them to get baptized, which is something they really want, they are going to have to get married to keep the Law of Chasity. African Culture is usually pretty heavy against “quick” marriages (next month.), and come to think of it, so is American Culture. Unfortunately for them, Gospel Culture is a little different, and there is no sense in delaying the keeping of a commandment. They had some questions and weren’t quite sold, but assured us they would pray to see what God thinks they should do. With the faith they have, I am really not worried about the answer they will receive. πŸ™‚ We go back there tonight with a member family, so that should help calm some of their fears and help them see that it is possible!

Our Branch President has a son who lives in our area with his wife and kids (they are legally married!!), and he gave them to us as a reference! Unfortunately he has been really hard to get ahold of, so we made a plan with the branch president for a “coincidental” encounter. He was having them over on Saturday for a family get together at 14, so we showed up at 13:45, and when they showed up we just “happened” to be there to meet them and set up a first visit. It was awesome. They look like a really cool family and having our Branch President’s support will make things much easier.
So yeah! That was my week. My parents sent me a package for Christmas, that had a little rattle in it for Baby Karli (the baby of one of the families I baptized in April, that they named after my mom), and a letter for the family. They are in a different branch now with the divisions, but I was able to give them the gifts this sunday! Karli loved the rattle. She tried to eat it. πŸ™‚
Also, I am attaching a picture of another Baby and his mom. His name is Jr. and his mom’s name is Graca. They come to church every week. He was born with a problem with his mouth, the kind you see in magazines where they ask you to donate the surgery. I kind of thought it was a hoax, until I saw him. He is the cutest happiest baby ever. And, thankfully, this week he will get the surgery done to fix his mouth, and the surgery is being paid for by one of those campaigns that does it for free. Seeing these things here has really made me grateful for the life I’ve had.

Sometimes its easy to get sad when you think about all of the problems here. But honestly, the best thing we can do is teach them the gospel. I am absolutely positive that this is true. Nothing else has changed this country for the better like the gospel is. It is truly remarkable! Missions are the greatest. πŸ™‚


Elder Poyfair

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