Week 82: Estaca! (Stake!)

Good morning!

We have a Zone Activity that is about to start here at the office, so sadly I have NO time to write this week. You’re going to have to forgive me and assume that my mission is still awesome. 🙂


Thomas and Dulce, he has Dreds. They rock. 🙂

Biggest news is that Mozambique will be receiving its first Stake on February 15th! It will be made in MAPUTO!! Where I have been working pretty much my whole mission. It is going to be such a huge blessing  for these members to have a Stake and be able to receive patriarcal blessings and Bishops and High Preists and independance from the Mission. I am so excited.  It has been the mission’s goal since I got here, and it is finally happening. How lucky I am to be here! To be able to look back, in 30 years when Mozambique has two temples and say, “I was there when they made the first stake”. So awesome.

This week, Elder Ellis came and we had a Zone Conference with him. I learned so much. He taught so effortlessly from the scriptures, and Iearned a lot from the sprit. Some highlights included his advice on working better with members, and studying the 4 steps of how Nephi received revelation in 1 Nephi 11: Desire, Beleive God can make these things known unto you, Ponder, and have faith. Study it, its great. 🙂

Our families are doing great. This week, we started teaching our Branch President’s Son and his wife.

THEY ARE THE BEST FAMILY EVER. This is not an exaggeration. His name is Idelson and hers is Suzana. They are legally married, don’t go to any church, SON of our Branch President, have a car and are SUPER rich. Our first lesson with them was so great! The spirit burned inside of me for literally the whole lesson. It was SO strong. They came to church on Sunday together as well. They have a cute daughter and I am just SO excited about them! They are so sincere. Last night we taught them again, and it was great. We taught the book of mormon and it went well, and at the end she asked, “Were you able to see the difference that this church made in your life as you grew up? We want a church that will bless our family. Did you see a difference?” SUCH a good question. We were able to answer and testify, and it was great.

We had a service project on Saturday, us and a bunch of members went and dug some ditches so houses didn’t flood, and picked up trash and cut grass with swords. Best service project ever. Too bad I didn’t bring my camera.  It was a lot of fun. Service in Africa is so meaningful to me. Like, people want to go to africa and do service projects all the time in the United States, and we can do it almost every day! 🙂

Anyways. Busy busy busy. This week we have Elder Callister, and next week is transfers and then stakes! I would be fine staying again. We have some great families, and I would love to be here to watch the stakes be created.

Have a great week!


Elder Poyfair

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