Week 85: And I thought I was getting out of the office…


I’m writing on Wednesday night because we had to skip P-Day on Monday and I am just now getting time to email my family! This week, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, our mission was audited! Johanna from South Africa, someone that I had worked with and talked with all the time on the phone when I was a financial secretary came to Mozambique for a 3 day fun-fest of financial procedures and policies and finding receipts and counting money and accounting.

Good thing I got transferred out of the office, right?



Haha. President Kretly told me that he wants me at all of the Staff Meetings, and that I still need to come to the office once a week to help continue training the Kimballs (the senior couple who replaced us). In addition to that, he asked that me and Elder Reinstein stay at the office for the entire audit!

It was a long couple of days. Me and Elder Reinstein have literally NOT LEFT the office for 3 days (sleeping here, everything). It was a tedius process, but luckily, we did super well on the Audit!! Johanna, the auditor, was really impessed. She told me accounting was my calling hahaha. She told us about how one of the senior couples in Angola, the financial secretaries over there, are having to go home because of a sickness, and there is no time to train anyone else, and no one else to train, and Johanna said she was going to recommend that I got transferred over there. 🙂 Haha.

But anyways. Thats enough about the audit. And from now on, things will be much better. We will not have to come into the office as much (yay) and be able to work in the area more!

Our area is so awesome. Its called Polana Canico. We are teaching a family, named Arlindo and Anastancia, that are already legally married! They will be getting baptized on March 7th, here in just over a week. We had five complete families at church on Sunday! It was a miracle. We woke up half an hour early, at 6, and left the house at 7:15 to go pick up a new family so that we could walk with them all the way to church that starts at 9. They live far away and it was a long walk, but we were blessed for it. He and his wife came and brought their baby, and we ended up having 2 more brand new families (husband and wife) at church for the first time! 5 Families in total. So awesome.

Being able to work full time in the area is the greatest. I’m getting my watch-tan-line back on my wrist, and come home hot and sweaty everyday and get to go to bed at 10:30 and get to do all of the studies each day and yeah. 🙂 Nothing like good old fashioned missionary work.

Elder Huffaker, the missionary that I am training, is doing awesome. Poor kid. His trainer is never there with him. I feel kind of like a negligent parent…. luckily, we are in a threesome and Elder Souza is a great missionary. At one of the lessons this week, he invited one of our investigators to be bapized and the investigator said, completely seriously and a little quietly, “Baptism has always been my dream.” It was a cool moment.

Our first sunday in the Sommerschield ward was great! I translated for all the americans. There are about 20 or 25 americans in the branch, and they have headsets that they all use. I saw the branch president pulling out the headsets, and, thinking about my companion who is still learning portuguese, asked him if we could use one as well. He said, “Yeah, could you translate too?” It was really fun. I spoke into a little microphone thing and everyone heard me. I had to remember to turn it off during the hymns though, so people didn’t hear me singing. 🙂

We have a dinner appointment tomorrow. A legitimate dinner appointment. The Reed family, from America invited us over! Pretty excited for that. It will be my first one. 🙂

Today we had the Zone Training. Our Zone, the Maputo Zone, has 20 missionaries and me and Elder Lara are the two Zone Leaders. We trained on the importance of leaving commitments. We did practices and had a nice presentation made, the spirit was strong and it went really well. The APs are in our zone and loved it.

Anyways. I know there is more to write but I have to pack up all of my stuff and go home. I am having a blast. My mission is the funnest thing I’ve ever done! Seriously. So grateful to be here.

Have a good week,


Elder Poyfair
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