Week 86: Marching On, Jaredite Barges and Happy People


Isn’t it crazy that we are already in March? WOW.

The days have been going by so fast. I feel like 10 minutes after I wake up my head hits the pillow to go to sleep again.

Biggest news from MOZ is that this Saturday we are baptizing a family! Arlindo and Anastacia. They got married in December, and had some problems with coming to church because she just gave birth (they named their baby waverson) but now they are good and they are SOLID. A really cool family. I love them a lot and am excited for them to get baptized.

Our ward is growing so much! We had 145 people at church this sunday. The ward divided in December. The work is going well and we are keeping busy.

One of our families is named Antonio and Rainha. They are in their twenties, and have a toddler named Fazbem (Translation is “Does Well”). We taught them and then they agreed to come to church so we went two weeks ago and picked them up and walked for an hour with them to church and they liked it. They were really shy at the beginning but they have slowly been breaking out of their comfort zone.

We taught them the Book of Mormon and invited them to pray about it, and they said they would. They did, and when we came back, Antonio explained how they read together and then knelt to pray and ask if it is true. As he was closing the prayer, he said he felt a jolt of electricity go through him, that filled his whole body with peace and strength, that stayed with him for hours after wards and they know it is true! So awesome. When families get an answer like that, it becomes really easy for them to keep all other commandments. And its been true so far with this one! They got to church together before we did on Sunday, and accepted the law of chastity, agreeing to get married ASAP.

Being a missionary for a church without the Book of Mormon would be hard.

There is a family in our ward named the Reed family. They are a cute, young American family, he works at the US Embassy here, and they live in our area and this week they invited us to dinner! We were so excited. We hardly knew what to do at a dinner appointment. But we went over there, entered in the American Compound (and got a pretty intense security check) and then went to their house! Their familiy was SO american. I felt like I was home. We played go fish with their cute kids and ate mexican tacos, and chocolate chip cookies (which I havn’t had in YEARS). After, we shared a spiritual thought from Ether 6 in the Book of Mormon, that my home teachers had shared with my family a couple of years ago before I left on my mission, when my Dad was unemployed. They explained how the jaredites and the barges can be likened to our lives here on earth, and how even though sometimes we are underwater, God is ALWAYS blowing us towards the promised land.

The next day was sunday, and during fast and testimony meeting, Sister Reed got up and bore her testimony! She shared about how we had gone over there and what we shared and how it really helped their family and stuff. We felt SO GOOD!

So thanks again to Brother Haws, changing lives today through a home teaching message shared over 3 years ago. It really meant a lot to them. We are hoping it gets us more dinner appointments. 😉 Just kidding. Kind of.

Mozambique is so great. I love the people and their way of life. They are SO HAPPY. So happy, all the time. They have NOTHING and they are so happy. Who needs an xbox or gi joes or pokemon cards or any of that stuff? These kids are more happy here with a tire or an empty water bottle then any kids in the united states. Its the best. 🙂
We had a Zone Activity today on the beach. We played soccer. I’m getting pretty good at soccer. We also saw a cute baby who’s parents had buried him in the sand. I am including the photo, as well as a picture of me! Enjoy.

Have a good week!

Love, Elder Poyfair
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