Week 87: Have Dr. Pepper. Life is good.

Dear friends and family,

I only have 9 more minutes of internet time so this one will have to be short!

This week was fantastic! First off, we baptized Arlindo and Anastancia! It was such a nice baptismal service. They had been married in December. They walk for over an hour every week to get to church, with 3 little kids. The gospel has blessed their lives so much! They were so happy on Saturday. 🙂

We were in a tripanionship, but today one of my companions, Elder Souza, was emergency transferred! He got sent to Quelimane. I was jealous. So now, it is just me and Elder Huffaker. He is the new missionary I am training, still in his first transfer. He is doing so well with the language, and getting into the routine of Missionary work. He is a really good companion and we are working hard.

Other news this week was, I FOUND DOCTOR PEPPER! Seriously. News started spreading around the mission that one of the supermarkets had it, so last Pday we made a special trip and sure enough, they had it. It was in different packaging, and REALLY expensive (almost 2 dollars per can!) But I bought 8 cans. I have been rationing them and still have four left. Life is GOOD. 🙂

We had four complete families at church this week! All of the families we are teaching are doing so well. We taught the Law of Chastity many times this week, and all of the couples are starting on their documents to be able to be married and baptized.

The work is going great, I am happy and healthy. Mozambique Rocks!!


Elder Poyfair.




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