Week 88: Tender Mercies and blue horse racing cats

Hello friends and family,

This week was filled with little tender mercies, in which I was able to see the hand of God here in my life! This really is his work and this week that was proved to me.

For example, one day, we were leaving our house and we were late for a lesson. We needed to be on the other side of the city, and were were trying to grab a seat on a “chappa” (public transportation, cramming 25 people into a 15 passenger van) but every single one that passed us was full. There was literally NO space, and we tried for 20 minutes with no success. I said a prayer in my heart, that God would give us a way to make it where we needed to go, and literally 5 SECONDS LATER a Chappa that was COMPLETELY EMPTY passed by, pulled up right next to us and was going where we needed to go. We were the first ones on, and 5 minutes later it was full. MIRACLE.


I bought this shirt on the side of the road for 1 dollar. I was pretty happy with the purchase.

Yesterday, we were walking home from church and out of no where I hear a Mozambican yelling, “Elder Poyfair! Elder Poyfair!”. I turn around and there is this guy in full out Mozambican army uniform with a gun running after me! I was really confused at first, and even a little scared, but then he got closer and stopped and said, “Hi Elder Poyfair!” It was Criva! He was someone I baptized up in Quelimane over a year ago! Literally, picture you teaching and baptizing someone in Maryland, and then not talking to them for a year and then randomly running into them in salt lake. SO COOL. He had no phone, and moved away to a place where the church didn’t exist last year. I thought I would never see him again. He moved to maputo, got a job in the army but had no idea where the church was. Such a cool experience to find him. He lives in our area and will go to church with me this sunday.

The Zone Leaders go on divisions with the APs ever transfer, and this Friday I was able to go with Elder Shumway, one of the APs. We had a great division, taught a lot of people, and since I used to work in their area, I got to teach some of my recent converts and take them with us to teach lessons. I got to sleep in my own bed again!

Other big news, the Office Elders are back. Elder Reinstein and Elder Herd were emergency transferred this week, back to the office. Elder Herd is new and Elder Reinstein was my old companion. Good news for me, means I don’t have to go back there as much (aka At ALL)

Anyways, as always, no time. The work is going SO good here. All of our families are doing fantastic, and we are being really blessed. I have never been happier.

Have the best week!


Elder Poyfair

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