Week 89: Setting Goals, Turning 20 and Loving Mozambique

Goooooooooooooooood morning friends and family!

Today is transfers! So crazy. Its my second to last transfer, and the time has FLOWN by. I am staying in Sommerschield with Elder Huffaker, the missionary I started training last transfer. I am SO excited, the next six weeks are going to be fantastic. I am staying as Zone Leader of the Maputo Zone, and the other Zone leader is Elder Coelho (literally translated to Elder Rabbit) from Brazil. He is one of my favorite missionaries, so I am really excited to work with him. This is his last transfer!
This week was a really good one. First off, last Pday we had a Zone Activity. We all met at the Mission Office and made chocolate chip pancakes! We had whipped cream and syrup and peanut butter and nutella and sprinkles and juice and everything. The whole shebang. We ate pancakes and then went outside and played some get to know you games. It was a lot of fun! Everyone enjoyed it. I make good pancakes.
We lost a couple of our investigators this week. Antonio, the father of one of our families who was doing SO good, had to move to Beira for work, so that kind of makes it harder for them to get married. A couple of our other families were not progressing too well, so we needed to stop visiting with them.
One thing I have really learned this transfer is setting high goals and doing everything in your power to acheive them. We were focusing really hard on working with the members more. In our mission, the goal is 6 member present lessons per week. At the beginning of the transfer, me and Elder Lara, the other Zone Leader, decided that our zone could do 10! I was a little scared at first, because I had never taught 10 lessons with a member present in a week, but we decided to do it. Every week since we made the goal, we were able to get 10 or higher! Teaching with more members has really blessed our investigators as well. We are closer with the members, and our lessons are more effective. It definitely requires more effort, but it is worth it.
Elder Huffaker is an incredible missionary. He has grown SO much during the past six weeks. At the beginning it was a little rough, he is a lot older than I am and it was a little hard for him to be trained by someone who is younger. It is always hard adjusting to missionary life, and working hard and stuff, and there were some times where we didn’t agree on things, but I was really able to learn patience and humility, and I felt like it helped me become more Christlike. I love a quote from Richard G Scott, from a couple of conferences ago, that says,
“We best serve our Father in Heaven by righteously influencing others and serving them. The greatest example who ever walked the earth is Jesus Christ.”
That was really my theme this transfer. And I am so grateful for the chance we had and still have to work together. Things are going a lot better now, and I am really excited for the next transfer.
Our day yesterday was pretty insane. We woke up early and left the house at 7:15 in the morning, to walk to the outskirts of our area and go to the house of a new family we had taught who agreed to come to church with us. We got there at about 8, (church starts at 9), and they informed us that they didn’t want to go to church because they weren’t feeling good. So we walked ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE CHURCH, and taught the temple prep class, and then me and Elder Huffaker both gave talks in sacrament meeting! I spoke about the story of Naaman, and small and simple things that a family can do to be happy. I got pretty into it, and told stories and stuff, I think it went really well. πŸ™‚ Then we went out and taught, came home at 21, and I had to call and follow up with the WHOLE ZONE since the other Zone leader and district leaders were going home. Got to bed right at 10:30 after taking a 3 minute shower. LIFE NEVER STOPS SO BUSY ALL THE TIME but I love it. πŸ™‚
My family has been complaining about the lack of pictures of African Kids. Sorry about that, I will really try and do better. πŸ™‚
Anyways, things are going great out here. I am working harder then I have worked in my whole mission and I LOVE it! Not even a spare moment to think about going home…. although they did call me and ask what airport I would fly home to! WOW.
And I turn 20 tomorrow. WHAT IS MY LIFE!
Mozambique is the greatest.
Elder Poyfair
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