Week 92: Celebrating new stakes with steaks! Brazilian Barbeque for the win!

Bom Dia!

This week was fantastic.

Yesterday was Pday! We had planned a Zone Activity, playing volley ball on the beach. We had also made a Zone Tee Shirt, that turned out SWEET! It is the first time any missionaries have made tee shirts. The front has MMM on it, for “Mozambique Maputo Mission” like the temple, and on the back it says “Maputo Zone”, has a little logo that shows heart, might, mind, and strength from D&C 4:2, our Zone’s focus, and all of the missionaries names on it.
We made some for President and Sister Kretly as well, and then invited them to our activity. They showed up, and saw our whole zone out there in our red shirts playing volley ball! They took a lot of pictures and then played volleyball with us. President Kretly was super funny. He gets really into sports. πŸ™‚ He really really liked the shirts as well.


We took some pictures, and then as we were leaving, thinking the activity was over, President said, “How about….. we go and barbeque some steaks at my house? To celebrate having 2 stakes in mozambique? With the whole zone?” and we were like…..”Ok!” So we went and bought some NICE Tbone steak with and bread and salad and stuff with President, and the whole zone went to President Kretly’s house and had a barbeque. The steak was SO good. It was a lot of fun! Then we had ice cream, and left. It ended later than we had planned, and President said we could email this morning if the internet cafes were closed.


Easily the coolest Pday ever. Brazillian BBQ for the win.

The rest of the week was about that awesome. On Sunday, we were blessed with 6 full investigator families at church! The highest I have had on my mission thus far was 5. But this sunday we had six! We were so excited. Church was packed, and all of our investigators loved it.

One of our families that we are teaching is named Zebedeu and Carolla. I met him on the road, we traded numbers and the next day we went and taught them. We only had like 8 minutes, so we gave them the restoration pamphlet, invited them to church, and left. The next day was sunday, and they both came together! This week we taught them the Restoration and Book of Mormon, with members from their neighborhood. They are SO cool. Such a nice family. We invited them to pray to know if the book of mormon is true, and that night, after we did our daily planning at like 9:45, we got a call from the wife. She said, “Elders! We did what you said, we stayed up and read 1st Nephi 1, and then we knelt down together and asked God if the Book of Mormon is true. As we were finished, we felt this rush of peace, and it was like the room was really quiet and we felt really strong inside of us. God answered! He answered! The book is true!”

They were so excited. So were we.The gospel is seriously so simple. I love it! They came to church together again this Sunday. I love them. πŸ™‚

We are working hard and being blessed. I seriously love my mission so much! I have learned SO much. I wish I had enough time on Pdays that I could write, in detail, about everything that happened. Sadly, these short little updates will have to do. But seriously, Mozambique is the greatest. I am so grateful to be here!


Elder Poyfair

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