Week 93: Families in Mozambique are amazing

What a week!

My mission is going so great. Seriously, I loved the beginning of my mission. But the longer I am here, the more I enjoy this work. It keeps getting better and better! Mozambique is the promised land. The people here still amaze me, even after 1 year and ten months here with them. As far as Christ Like people go, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Me and Elder Huffaker are having a blast! This week was busy. On Tuesday morning, we left early and went to teach Manuel and Laura. They are a golden family- both really intelligent, have a young baby, and have not missed a week at church TOGETHER since we started teaching them (4 sundays). Their only problem was they were having trouble accepting a baptismal date, insisting that they wait until they learned more. In the lesson, we explained (again) about baptism, and really got them to open up and ended up commiting them to the 23rd of May. That was a blessing!

We did two divisions this week- I went on one with Elder Coelho, the other Zone Leader, for us to be able to be on the same page and plan what we are going to do to help the zone and stuff, and another one with Elder Herd, the District Leader/Office Elder in Chamanculo. Both divisions went well, with Elder Herd I was back in my old area and we got to teach some lessons with my recent converts! Chamanculo for life. Elder Coelho and I get along so well. Every time we do a division, we play ping pong for our morning excercise (my parents sent a mini ping pong set in a package and it fits perfectly on our table). He is really good at ping pong, and our games are always pretty funny because we both get really into it. The total score (over the past four weeks) is 5-5. He is one of my best friends. 

Funny story, Me and Elder Coelho were street contacting on our division and this lady came up to me and pretty much contacted me. She said, “Hi, I’m Ana. Are you guys from a church?” and I replied that we were missionaries, and she said, “Awesome. So I am Catholic, right? But I have a son, and he really really wants to join a church! I don’t want him to come to my church, I want him to be free and choose his own path. And he keeps asking and asking to be in a church. Can young people worship at your church?” and I explained that they could, and suggested we go and visit her and her husband and her son and explain more about our message, and she agreed. Then as she was walking away, I asked, “How old is your son?” Thinking we could bring a member his age to help him feel welcome, and she said, “He is three!” 

….. what?!!?!?! We were laughing pretty hard. Three year olds. Always asking to go to church and stuff!!! Only in Mozambique, right? Hahaha. 


Our biggest cool part of the week was what happened sunday. There is a 15 year old in our ward, who reminds me a lot of Kristen my sister. And she is super active. But she is the only member in her family! She really wants the rest of her family to come. We were finally able to get her mom to start coming. But her dad was pretty against the church. We had been trying and trying to sit with the whole family and he kept blowing us off and stuff, and then finally we got him marked to sit with us. So on the division with Elder Coelho, we taught them, and it was THE BEST LESSON. Super super spiritual, and the father said that he wanted to be baptized and walk the same path with his whole family! So we committed all of them to baptism and then sunday morning, we walked with the whole family to church! Even the dad. The fifteen year old was SO happy. I know she had been praying for a long time for that to happen. I was glad to be a part of it!

The church is true. It blesses families. I’ve seen it so many times its not even funny! 8 more weeks. Its coming so fast….


Elder Poyfair

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