Week 94: Bowling, Shrimp and a lot of hard work

Good evening!

This week was one of the best ones. We just got home from our mission president’s house! He loves our Zone hahaha. We had a Zone activity today, we went bowling! I got the highest score in the Zone! 161. I felt pretty awesome. 🙂
Then we went over to President Kretly’s house where we had an AWESOME shrimp lunch. The shrimp in Mozambique are really the greatest and biggest, and President Kretly knows how to make some GOOD shrimp.
It was fun to be with the whole zone and President Kretly! Everyone is pretty excited for Zone Conference tomorrow! Rumor has it we are going to watch Meet the Mormons for part of it. Here, Zone Conference is an all day event. Like, 8 in the morning until 6 or 7 o clock at night. We love Zone Conference! Should be good. Then, next Monday is transfers! I am excited to see if I spend my last transfer here in Maputo.
So many cool things happened this week, but I really don’t have too much time.
One night me and Elder Huffaker were doing street contacts. Elder Huffaker is doing great with the language, but he hasn’t been here for 3 months yet so he is still learning. So this guy comes up, and we are trying to figure out if he has a family. He is an older guy but says he is single. So I started to say, jokingly, “What?!? How do you not have a wife! You have a beard, you are old….” and Elder Huffaker cut in and said, “And young!” and me and the guy looked at him and I kind of laughed a little bit, and was like, “Yeah! Ha ha…” And then we all laughed. Then Elder Huffaker was asking him for references, and he said he didn’t know anyone. So Elder Huffaker wanted to say , “You don’t know anyone?”  But instead said, “You don’t know ANYTHING!!” And yeah. Really funny. The contact took it well though. We laughed for a while. I love my companion.
We watched General Conference this week! It was SO good. I really liked Elder Bednar’s, Nelson’s, and Holland’s talks. All of them were great though. We had a bunch of investigators come! 4 complete families and a bunch of others. We found a new family this week named Helder and Yolanda. We walked to church with them! It is kind of weird when your first sunday is general conference though. I had to assure them that it isn’t normally like this. 🙂 They did have a lot of questions, but they enjoyed singing the hymns!
Our investigators are doing well. We are fighting for their marriage documents! It has been so difficult lately to get the necessary papers! Patience I guess. They are developing strong testimonies in the meantime.
I love my mission, and can’t beleive I only have 7 more weeks here in Mozambique. Time sure does fly when you are having fun.
Sorry for the short email. Next week will be better!
Elder Poyfair
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