Week 95: The Home Stretch, Transfers, and Daily Miracles

Good morning all-

I realized this week that I don’t have too many more of these emails to write, and my letters lately have been pretty lame. So I’m sorry, I willl really try and make these last few as good as I can. 🙂

Monday was good, after we emailed, the elders from Quelimane flew in and me and Elder Huffaker divided with them to go and teach in our area. I went with Elder Rebollo, an Elder who was about to leave (he flew home today). As we walked, we talked about how his last tranfsfer went, and how before he started he kind of assumed he wouldn’t learn too much, but he talked about how much he learned and the experiences he had and it made me really excited. We got to the lesson with one of our investigating families, Zebedeu and Carolla, and were suprised to see one of our recent converts there! At first we were really excited, we would have a member present at the lesson, we liked that he was visiting our investigators.

However, after a few minutes of teaching, it became apparent that our recent convert was sadly, drunk. He acted weird, and smelled strongly like alcohol. I was devestated! I wondered how we could effectively handle the situation. We finished the lesson, and marked to visit with him later in the week. He accepted, and we went home, pretty sad.

Tuesday was ZONE CONFERENCE! Ah. I love Zone Conference. The spirit was so strong. We talked about the Atonement and Grace and Planning and learned so much. It was probably the best one I have been to. Luckily we will have one more, the week I go home. The highlight of Zone Conference was probably at the end, when all of the leaving elders bore their testimonies. I watched some of my best friends give their final advice and testimonies through tears- Elder Hamrick, the AP I lived with for over 7 months, Elder Lourenco, the Brazillian companion I served with for 6 months, and Elder Coelho, the other Maputo Zone Leader. I was really close to all of them! Missions go so fast. I swear we were all just starting.

Wednesday was fantastic, me and Elder Huffaker went to visit the family of that recent convert, who we had found drunk two days before. I was pretty nervous- earlier in my mission, we had run into a similar situation with a member, and when we went to try and talk to him about it, it went AWFUL, he denied it and called us liars and stuff. So I was anxious, and we said a prayer before we went in, that we could know what to say and how to help him. And seriously, the lesson went so good. It was such a delicate thing, but the spirit guided our words and after some time, he admitted to what had happened and asked what he needs to do to repent. I felt the spirit SO strong. I was so so so happy, inside my whole body, with his desire to come clean and erase it. We directed him to the bishop, assured him of Gods love, and left feeling great.

I had another cool experience this week, I was on a division with Elder Charles (a young elder in our district) in his area, and we went to teach a family who had been investigating for a long time. And at the beginning of the  lesson, I was being pretty bold. I might have even crossed over into “over bearing” territory, talking very firmly on how they need to repent and be baptized. As I was talking, the thought came into my head that I should ask them if God is answering their prayers. “What?!?” I thought, “That has nothing to do with what we are talking about!” We were talking about the law of chastity and stuff. But I asked the question, and the room got silent and they thought, and both said, “Without a doubt.” and began to talk about personal experiences they had had and their desire to keep the commandments and anyways. It ended up being a really good, productive lesson and I am grateful to the Spirit for the inspired question.

One other time something like that happened this week. We were out pretty far away, and our lesson fell through. Me and Elder Huffaker were deciding what to do, and Elder Huffaker said we should go to Arlindo and Marias, a non progressing family that we had dropped. I didn’t really want to, but I agreed, so we went. We had almost got there, when I saw a neighbor house and wanted to knock it. So we did, and a really nice rich family let us in and we taught them and it was great! After we passed by the orignal house we had wanted to go to, and they weren’t even home!

Moral of the story is. We were guided to that house, but not just by me or Elder Huffaker. God gave part of the revelation to Elder Huffaker, to go to the non progressing families house. If I would have said no, we wouldn’t have found the family. Then after, he gave it to me to knock on the neighbors door. If Elder Huffaker had said “no, we have to go the family we planned’s house”, we wouldn’t have found it either. But we both yielded to each other and it was perfect. I was grateful for that.

My mission is the best. Today we saw transfers. My last transfer! Wow. Me and Elder Huffaker will NOT be serving together- he got transferred to Beira! I stayed. In Sommerschield. I am the only missionary in the whole mission who never served in Beira!!!! Oh well. 🙂 I am really excited to stay here. I will stay Zone Leader, and be companions with Elder Christiansen. He is the other Zone Leader! It will be a good transfer. He is a really hard worker, and obedient. I picked him up from the airport when he started his mission. I am excited. 🙂

Have the best week!

Love, Elder Poyfair


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One thought on “Week 95: The Home Stretch, Transfers, and Daily Miracles

  1. John and Donna wollenzien

    What a marvelous mission you are having!
    You will love serving with elder Christiansen . He’s the best! He’s our neighbor.
    You’ve been a great missionary Elder! We will miss you fun posts.

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