Week 96: New Companion, Skyping with the family, Constant Miracles


Good morning and Happy Pday to everyone.

I am happy, healthy, and grateful to be here in Mozambique. 🙂

(You would think after almost two years of writing weekly updates I would have finally figured out a better way to start my weekly letters. Sadly, I still havn’t.)

This was mine and Elder Christiansen’s first week together here in Sommerschield. I remember picking him up from the airport when he first came in the country when I was an office elder. We walked together in my area, and when we found out he was going to T3, my first area, we looked through my old pictures of T3 together. That was almost a year ago, and now he is my companion!

He is a really good missionary. He is a good teacher, speaks the language well, works hard, is obedient, and is FOCUSED on the work. Plus we are the only two elders who live in our house! The cons are that sometimes it gets a little lonely. The pros are its really hard to get trunky, and our house is CLEAN, all the time, and you don’t have to wait for other people to shower or iron your shirt or use the washing machine. Its definitely a benefit, I’m grateful we get to serve together this transfer!

We got to skype our families on Saturday! That was weird. I can’t believe that I have skyped them four times already! I was thinking about it, how Skyping your family is a really big deal. Like, its something you look forward to for a long time, and It kind of becomes a landmark on your mission. I am here, really far away from them, but for 40 minutes we get to connect and its like we never left. Skyping sometimes seems like its a bigger deal for our families than it is for us. However. If someone told us we could skype them everyday, we would be ecstatic!

I was thinking about how skyping is kind of like prayer. We are separated from our Heavenly Father on this journey, and he misses us! He gave us an opportunity to communicate with him, and unlike skype on a mission, we can do it everyday! But often we don’t treat prayer like we treat skyping our families. I can just imagine God getting on to skype us, being really excited to connect with us and see how things are going and us turning on the webcam and being like, “Hey, I’m doing good, please send me a package, nothing much to report, thanks, bye.” and disconnecting.

It made me want to pray more meaningfully. 🙂

Other than that, we saw some definite miracles this week! We found a family named Armando and Arminda. They are RICH, and we street contacted us and asked if we could teach him, and he took us to his house, and we taught about temples and eternal marriage and baptism. Kind of weird for a first lesson but it felt right. Than we walked with them to church the next morning! They are really awesome, have a lot of desire and we felt to spirit there with them strongly.

Our other families are doing great as well.

Anyways. I have one minute left but I am doing fantastic, I love and miss you all! Have a good week!


Elder Poyfair

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