Week 98: ROBBED!

What a week.

We were walking out of church this Sunday when one of the american families in our ward passed by eating out of a bag of Snyders pretzel sticks (from america) and they offered me some and as I took a handful and bit one, THAT was when I realized that I really am going home in two weeks! American food. I know it’d be bad to say I miss that more then my family but man am I excited to eat. 🙂

This week was fantastic! Our teaching pool has really changed these last couple of weeks. We had to drop many of the families we were teaching before but we were blessed to meet some awesome new ones.

One of the best new families we met was Souza and Yuki. It was one week ago, and all of our lessons had fallen through so we decided to go out and do street contacts. Before we left the house, I prayed, presenting to the Lord our plan to street contact, telling him where we would go and asking him to place people in our path. As I prayed, I felt to ask him to give us a family that would end up progressing to baptism. We went out and talked with EVERYONE, and I saw this kind of chubby guy holding a baby. I went up and talked with him, marked a lesson for the next day. His name was Souza. His wife is half Japanese and named Yuki! They accepted the message well, prayed about it, received an answer, came to church together, and accepted baptism with a date for the 27th of June. Such a cool miracle! While only time will tell if that prayer gets answered, we felt really blessed to meet them.

Other highlights this week- We had the Mission Leadership Council, at the office on Wednesday and it went awesome. I love the idea trading and inspiration that comes when everyone comes together to solve the common problems in our mission.

We had a Ward Activity this week! We had over 40 people there. We put it together and planned it and everything. We wanted to boost the ward unity and get everyone excited to go to the temple. We played musical chairs and taught our ward the human knot game. That was pretty funny. Lets just say it was pretty difficult for our members. They loved it though. Everyone couldn’t stop laughing! We played do you love your neighbor and watched the brazil manaus temple caravan video from LDS.org. Its SO good! Everyone loved it. Then we bore our testimonies about temples and some members did as well. The spirit was strong, and then we had some refreshments.

Sister Kimball, one of the senior missionaries here, had made some AMAZING american brownies. They were frosted and SO good. I took like three, and then she told us she left a plate for us in the kitchen. We went in there and hid it in one of the cubbards. We were SO excited to eat them at night, and the next day and stuff. Everyone left, and we stayed to clean. After we swept and everything, we went back in to get our brownies and opened the cubbard and the plate was there but all the brownies were gone! All that was left were crumbs. We literally almost started crying. Like, I would have rather got my camera or shoes or watch robbed than that! We were so sad. Thats where the subject comes from. We walked home pretty depressed. 🙂 Haha just kidding. It was really funny though! A great activity none the less.

On Sunday we were asked to teach Elder’s Quorom, and me and Elder Christiansen did a role play of home teaching. Like, we acted it out, from start to finish in front of everyone. Starting from calling your companion, to planning what to teach, and then teaching, and reporting back. It was awesome. Everyone loved it and lots of members came up asking more questions and thanking us. I love this ward!

Yeah. Basically those were the best parts. Each week is better than the last one. My mission has been the greatest thing. I am so so so grateful to have been able to serve here! Today starts the last full week of my mission and I am going to make the MOST of it.

Anyways! Have the best week. See you all soon. Wish you could all be here with me.


Elder Poyfair

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